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User Info: CripKenzo

9 years ago#1
I kinda need help on the menu translation and controls please

User Info: Bason44

9 years ago#2
Wow, are you serious? The voices pretty much tell you what each mode is. From when you push start...(We are going by scrolling down)

Story Mode
Arcade Mode
Family Battle
--Family Battle Start(?)
---Press Select for Family Custom(ize)
Battle Mode
--KO Count
-Com Number
Training Mode
-Group Something
-- Free Battle
--Family Battle
-Gatcha(pon Machine)
--Press A to insert coin, rotate knob, obtain graphics, characters, sound, or stages.
-Battle Data
-Shinuki Cheat
-Data Clear
-Gaido Kyara (?)

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User Info: DarthShrimp

9 years ago#3
The last option in your list ("Gaido Kyara", or "guide character") allows you to select if the normal or future version of characters will appear in the menus.

User Info: DethMashein

9 years ago#4
What're the controls?
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User Info: DarthShrimp

9 years ago#5
A,L,R : Guard
B : jump
Y : weak attack
X : strong attack
Touchscreen : use specials/support/box

Attacks change depending on the direction you hold on the D-pad, this way some strong attacks become projectiles... I think that's all there is to this game really.

User Info: alvin159951

9 years ago#6
for the difficulty settings im pretty sure it goes by
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User Info: JackyLordofSith

9 years ago#7
is it cause i picked the first option when starting story mode (assuming it was easy) when i was playing the battles were pretty easy

User Info: _Hau_

9 years ago#8
So what's the actual order for difficulty? I can't really tell they don't seem too different.

User Info: _Hau_

9 years ago#9
nvm I think Alvin is right.

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