why do i want to equip gaze of despair?

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  3. why do i want to equip gaze of despair?

User Info: d_a_v_i_d

8 years ago#1
what's the benefit of using that? Its just make all of my enemy goes beserk. That's not the problem though, when i used the gaze of despair, my combo seems to be slower, and i can't maintain enemy in the air for long. So any reason i should put it on?
Live by the game, die by the game

User Info: Dracozombie

8 years ago#2
Unless I'm mistaken, you get better combo bonus multipliers when enemies are berserked. In other words, you get more points for combo-ing berserk enemies.

Mind you, I don't have the game, so I don't know for sure if that is what the accessory is meant for.

User Info: SoujiroSeta

8 years ago#3
Better combo multipliers = more halos.


500k halos in less than 10 minutes.
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User Info: d_a_v_i_d

8 years ago#4
Ow I see, I dont think its worth it though, since its harder to combo enemy when it's beserk. Plus it's alot harder to score pure platinum if u use them >_<.
Live by the game, die by the game

User Info: Sonsaru

8 years ago#5
You alo earn magic *much* faster attacking an angry enemy. From about halfway through my Hard run I just left the Gaze on pretty much all the time; once you can handle the slightly faster / more aggressive enemies (which means more WT, anyway) all the extra magic and combo points are more than worth it.

User Info: whatsthebigidea

8 years ago#6
i read somewhere that you dont get witch time on hard mode...

User Info: SirIlpalazzo

8 years ago#7
You don't get it on the highest difficulty. Hard isn't the highest difficulty, though.
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  3. why do i want to equip gaze of despair?

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