Is this game hard?

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User Info: Annihilator83

7 years ago#1
Forgive me for asking beforehand, but I basically picked this up for $20 at best buy and I have yet to try it out as I told myself I want to complete Ninja Gaiden 2 first. I like hard games but not up to the point where you can't avoid certain stuff (looking at you NG2). I'm a big fan of DMC so I guess I would enjoy this alot? But yeah I'm just wondering how the normal difficulty stacks up to DMC4 and NG2 for the 1st playthrough.

User Info: Feilijr

7 years ago#2

I haven't play NG2 on 360, but I've played both DMC4 and Ninja gaiden sigma 1&2 on ps3. I'd say, on normal modes, Bayonetta is abit harder than DMC4, similar to NGS2, and easier than NGS1.

The normal mode is a good balanced difficulty for a 1st playthrough for a player with hacknslack action game experience. The hard mode (unlocked after finishing normal mode) offers good increase in challenge for those wanting more after finishing normal.

User Info: _PENNEL_

7 years ago#3
The range is very big for this game. Very easy is exactly that, and Infinite Climax is very hard, but not impossible.

User Info: rockhardkiller

7 years ago#4

This game is challenging, but difficulty is slightlytoned down due to the fequent checkpoints, which are understandable because of the score system. The checkpoints tone down difficulty for two reasons 1.) they are frequent 2.) unlike some other games it gives you full health back instead of setting you up with the same amount you had when you reached it. It'sw still a challenge to complete even with full life, but chances are higher for completion than when you only have a portion of it.

User Info: Lawrens

7 years ago#5
It's about as hard as DMC4, might be easier or more boring on the first run if you've already gone though all the modes from DMC4 since only a few enemies really gives a challenge and you often encounter the easier ones.

Non stop climax is harder than DMC4's dmd mode, but it's still really accessible and forgiving especially the checkpoints, if you don't mind crappy ranks there are plenty of items for you to abuse, it's one of the most accessible game compare to DMC1/3/NG1/2.

User Info: nintendogeek01

7 years ago#6
It's hard to get the hang of at first, as there are moments where you could swear that your timing for dodging an attack was spot on yet you still got hit. But once you practice fighting and getting the hang of how fast or not enemy attacks come at you, the game becomes a breeze to handle.

I'll admit I sucked when I first picked up my copy of this game, now I dance circles around enemies (except for Gracious and Glorious... those two still kick my ass.)
Beware the morbidity of Children's Nursery Rhymes...

User Info: nts_

7 years ago#7
The game is difficult to play perfectly. But you can play it perfectly. It is possible to do everything, perfectly. This game is tight. Ninja Gaiden 2 will get you occassionally with cheap shots ... once you get the hang of Bayonetta, that just won't happen.

Plus there's an additional character that makes the game a little more aggressive and speedy.

User Info: mad_gamer23

7 years ago#8

If you're worried you will be frustrated as NG2 can make you, don't worry: Bayonetta uses the same approach as in DMC in terms of enemies attack (out of frame = enemies will not attack). I find Bayonetta slightly harder than DMC4; certainly the NSIC mode is harder than DMD mode in DMC4. But it is still very doable; the ranking system and the modes let you pretty much decide how hard you want it to be.

User Info: desi_shinobi

7 years ago#9
DMC4 DMD mode was as easy as DMC2 DMD mode.

Bayonetta is alot harder...probably as hard as DMC3 DMD mode but not as hard as Ninja Gaiden II/Sigma 2 Master Ninja mode.

User Info: kodama42

7 years ago#10
mmmh... I don't know.
DMC4 was boring, couldn't play it again and again.
IMO, NG2 is harder.
Bayonetta is hard, but it's really doable.
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