Spirit Beast battle

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User Info: Itachi12321

8 years ago#1
I need help. He just keeps kicking my butt, Does anybody have any strategies to beat him. Here is my team:


User Info: Extic_Frefter

8 years ago#2
10 more levels.
Also, I used Shikamaru as opposed to Gaara, but I don't think it matters.
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User Info: gmharri

8 years ago#3
For the Spirit Beast you probably want to get your party a bit higher (mainly your lower level part) to around 60, at this level I defeated him with pretty much no trouble.

As for strategy this is what I recommend;

Firstly I recommend losing Gaara for either Shikamaru, Lee or Kiba.

Naruto ~ Lvl 60 ~ Tags : Instant SC - Rasengan - +Atk +Agi (the best you can get).
Strategy ~ Rasengan, Rasengan, Rasengan, Heal chakra to full, (repeat steps).

I'm not an expert with Choji at all but I'll do my best.
Choji ~ Lvl 60 ~ Tags : Spiky Human Boulder - +Atk (best ones you can get).
Strategy ~ SHB, SHB, SHB, Etc., Heal chakra to full, (repeat steps).

I'm taking a guess that Sakura is your healer by saying this.
Sakura ~ Lvl 60 ~ Tags : Instant Sub - Knowledge of Herbs - Mini-Katsuya (if you have enough).
Strategy ~ Have Sakura as your alternate to switch in whenever someone is low on health.

For Shika, Lee or Kiba you'll want as many speed tags as possible on them and just like Choji and Naruto keep spamming whichever is their best move;
Shika ~ Kunai Bomb.
Lee ~ Primary Lotus (I recommend against eight gates and hidden lotus).
Kiba ~ Wolf Fang over Fang (use the beast mimicry ninja tag for an even faster kiba).

Strategy-wise, if your using lee have him as leader that way you get a fair few more turns in between his, also start in falcon formation like so,

~ = empty space
N = Naruto
C = Choji
X = other character
S = Sakura

~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~

that way Choji can take the worst of it unless your unlucky enough for the Ol' catfish to use his area attack, which will then hit Naruto instead, then you should get into lion formation like so,

~ = empty space
N = Naruto
C = Choji
X = other character
S = Sakura

~ ~ ~
C~ ~ S
N~ ~
X ~ ~

using these two formation as I've shown will stop you being hit as much by his area attack.
Also should you decide to switch Sakura in at any point, make sure you move her to the back row behind Choji or your other character so she avoids his area attack.

And Good Luck.

PS. Hi guys new on these boards hoping to get a little more into the game from now on. =D

User Info: KaMaKaZi101193

8 years ago#4
is neji a good character too or is choji better?

User Info: Itachi12321

8 years ago#5
Thx's for the tips

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