NHL 2K9 or NHL 09??

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User Info: seadogs12

8 years ago#1
Im thinking of buying one but i dont know which. Please be honest i dont want fan boys telling me which one is better...i want to know what the average person thinks. I like to get achievements, but i would rather have a solid gameplay and not some bad one. Thanks.

User Info: RoadDoggFL

8 years ago#2
Rent both. To be honest, most people who come back to 2K9 have to get fed up with it first. Then they pick up 09, fall in love with the flash, and get sick of it after a while. That's when they return to 2K9 and look past its shortcomings. It's a good game at its core, but man is it ugly.

If you don't think you can look past that, don't bother. 09's EASHL just makes it even harder to go with 2K9. I'm not gonna lie to you, even if you do come back to 2K9, you'd have to be crazy to actually genuinely like the game. Unfortunately, all this year has really is potential.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, 09's the safer bet if that's what you wanted to know.
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User Info: 55587crosby

8 years ago#3
nhl 09 kills this game.

User Info: zetterberg40

8 years ago#4
I like both
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User Info: Steven992000

8 years ago#5
09 is the safer bet. NHL2k8 was pretty good though and you could pick that up at gamestop for $10 I think. Either one will tie you over until the next versions come out.

User Info: Asilentninjah

8 years ago#6
try out the demos on the marketplace
i like 2k9 way better than 09
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User Info: joe_lavaia

8 years ago#7
2k9 has more features that appeal to hardcore hockey fans. if you're just a casual fan who wants to have some fun with unrealistic gameplay, poor controls, and next to no sliders with nicer graphics
then get 09. if you want realistic gameplay and can careless about super crisp visuals (i think the graphics are fine with 2k9) then pick up 2k9.
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