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Cheat codes for Virtual Villagers 3- THE SECRET CITY

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User Info: piyu_agrawal

9 years ago#1

Cheat codes for Virtual Villagers 3- THE SECRET CITY

Before starting with the puzzles do following things:

1) Plant the seed that you will find near the broken lift (see-saw kind thing)...jus take a villager and drop it on the seed it will plant it.

2) Lit the fire at the fire place in the village centre. Wood is near the left shore of the ocean and dry grass is near the water falls (left to the amphitheatre)

3) Know the HERBS...they are 6 in number. 5 are present since the begging of game and the 6th (the magic herb) appears once you reach the level 2 of NATURILIST/MAGICIAN. The herbs are:

•1. Lotus(near the broken ancient bath)

•2. Water lily (in the grave yard at the junction between graveyard and orchard)

•3. Rose plant (in the orchard just above water lily on the left side)

•4. Tiger lily (yellow orange colored on the way to the locked door near the broken statue)

•5. Cactus( right to the research place)

•6. Magic herb (left to the alchemy place. Could be pink colored pitcher plant or some cluster of berries)

Puzzles in order:

Puzzle1 puzzle2 puzzle3 puzzle4

Puzzle5 puzzle6 puzzle7 puzzle8

Puzzle 9 puzzle10 puzzle11 puzzle12

puzzle13 puzzle 14 puzzle15 puzzle 16


Let all your villagers one by one to try on the golden cloth at the amphitheatre just near the fallen of them will surely fit on the robe will the first tribal chief.

Puzzle 2- THE BEE HIVE

Before this fire should be lit in the village centre. Put one of your villagers to the burnt torches below the hive it will pick up the torch and light it from the fire place and take it to the hive to remove the bees. You can enjoy honey after that. But honey is limited there is no unlimited honey as such.

Puzzle 3- THE ALCHEMY LAB( required an adept scientist)

This is the place just left to the research place you will see round broken table in that place. So, to restore it you need to get five objects placed back to this place which are scattered in the village. The objects can be scattered anywhere but very distinct. Objects are a MUD POT, BLUE BOWL with spoons kept in it, small stripped PINK POT, large stripped BLUE POT and a KNIFE. Once all objects are placed back you can prepare different recipes.

Note: Only an adept scientist can pick these objects and automatically place it to the alchemy lab.


Fly a villager to the right most end of the empty ground just below the mud place (orchard). You will find something covered with leaves. Allow your villager to remove the leaves then you can bury the dead here.

Puzzle 6- THE LIFT (required level 1 restoration)

In the mud place you will see the broken see-saw kind of thing just let 3 of your builders simultaneously on the broken thing, they will fix it up.

Puzzle 7- THE RUINS (required level 2 restoration)

Scrolling very down of the village you will see a broken bath that area you will find pile of stones... just put the villager on it will start removing the stone...once removed you will find the hidden cave.

Puzzle 8- THE ANCIENT BATH (required level 2 restoration and a master builder)

For this first put the master builders in the alchemy lab near the chalk board... it will draw something on it after that put the builders on the broken bath tub they will start repairing it.

Puzzle 9- THE STATUE. (required level 3 restoration, tribal chief, master builder)

Put the master builder near the standing half of the statue on the route to the locked door...just fly it over that area wherever it will says nice place to anchor the statue put the villagers at that place it will prepare for anchoring the broken statue...immediately put the tribal chief also in that place. Then put as many builders possible near the fallen statue the more the builders the sooner they will anchor the fallen piece. But during this time don't disturb the tribal chief otherwise builders will distract.

Puzzle 10- THE ORCHARD. (Required solved puzzle 3)

To accomplish this puzzle you need to plant 3 seeds in the orchard (the mud place). One seed is present from the starting of the game. For the other you need to wait for the when it will rain just put 1 villagers on the flat end of the lift as the water fills the other end flat end will rise and as it rises fully a seed will fall...put the villager over the seed it will plant it same way as the 1st one. Do same for the 3rd seed. So as tree will grow from the entire 3 seeds puzzle will be solved.

Puzzle 11- THE SHARKS. (Required LEVEL 1 ALCHEMY and level 2 on the NATURELIST/MAGICIAN to get the magic herb)

Collect 3 herbs one magic herb on the left of the alchemy lab and 2 water lilies located on the top of 'roster of dead'. Make a scientist prepare the potion. Once prepared put the villager near the alchemy pot it will carry the potion to the ocean and sharks will die. You can do unlimited fishing after that solving your food problem forever.

Puzzle 13- THE ASH KEY

Keep burning the fire at the village centre. After 1 or 2 refiring a sparkle thing will appear on the burning fire. Wait for fire to get over once it get over you will see the diamond still it is hot. To cool put the villager near the waterfall they will bring water and pour on the diamond repeat it 5-6 times once it is cooled put the tribal chief on the diamond it will carry it to the locked door.

Puzzle 14- THE CLIFF KEY (the diamond key)

Prepare a potion with cactus, rose plant and lotus. Let your villager drink it...will feel light and springy...put it near the rose plant left of it. It will retrieve the key.

Puzzle 15- THE CLAM KEY (required completed puz-9, master builder and tribal chief.)

Once the statue is built you will find a white sparkling thing below the statue. Let your master builder pick it. He will take it near the waterfall and carve a pearl out of it. Then put your tribal chief on that pearl to finish it and mount it on the locked door.


Once the lock door is opened you will see a flat blue plate inside the room. Put your tribal chief on that plate. Enjoy seeing the souls appearing. Again putting the chief on the souls will retrieve the story of this ruined ISOLA.

For any doubts you can mail PIYUSH AGRAWAL at

User Info: piyu_agrawal

9 years ago#2

use water lily as black he game post-the secret city(vv3)

User Info: mminbc2

9 years ago#3
i dont seem to hve the water lilly

User Info: mminbc2

9 years ago#4
did not work the villager just drank the potion

User Info: robertstone9

9 years ago#5
does anyone know how to complete puzzle 5

User Info: bree-03

9 years ago#6
You need lv. 2 leaadership, and a few adept/master farmers. Drag your tribal chief onto the fire, and it will say "leading dance" then, drag your farmers onto the fire as well, and they will start doing a rain dance.

User Info: Kanchu818

9 years ago#7
No. It worked only when using roses instead of water lilies...

User Info: Kanchu818

9 years ago#8
mminbc2, use roses instead of water lillies.. First the villager drinks the posion then he carries some of them to the ocean.

User Info: vuongquoc

9 years ago#9
i reached all the need for puzzle of SHARK but i can't find the Magical Herb! T_T How can i make it?

User Info: pinoygodz424

9 years ago#10
vuongquoc the magic herb is right next to the alchemy lab. can't be missed. it looks like a pile of berries for me.
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