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User Info: Kazered

8 years ago#1
Could not reply to the other threads question, but Death School does get a minion.

So far every school i've tested gets a minion. Ice, Life, Balance, Myth, Death all get minions, and i'm sure fire and lightning schools do too.

Each school gets them at different levels, and of different strengths. Deaths Minion is one of the coolest because it changes depending on how many pips you use to cast it.

Balance Mander Minion is very effective in a Black Mantel dueling deck. They also get a second minion at 38 that plays to their elemental cards called Spectral Minion. It randomly summons a Minion of Ice, Fire, or Lightning. This minion has a good AI also, and will setup big hits.

I'm currently playing balance, up to 42. Have an elemental deck built around Elemental blades, traps, Hydras, and Spectral Minion, but its not the most efficient.

In Duels i have a Black Mantel, Judge, Reshuffle deck that is wicked. I dueled a guy for 10 turns, and he fizzled every spell and then died to 1 judge. :)

I'm only afraid of Death and Ice mages, the rest i've dominated in duels.

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