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User Info: V_Shogun_Gamer

4 years ago#1
1st Option - Resume Game

2nd Option - Switch Practice Types
- First Default Training Mode Option - Normal Training mode
- Second Training Mode Option - Seems like a defense training option against 2P:
(3rd option below that changes)
1. 2P uses attacks
2. 2P uses throws
3. 2P uses special moves
4. 2P uses default combos (character I tested ends a normal attack combo with a special)

- 3rd option Training Mode Option - Tutorial mode (commands and demonstrations are shown, user-friendly. Circle is demonstration, start is to begin objective. After pressing Circle, Triangle demonstrates again and Circle begins objective)
(3rd option below that changes)
1. Movement
2. Attacking
3. Throwing
4. Defensive Techniques
5. Special, Ultimate, Charging, KKD

3rd Option - Command List. (Orange - Attacks) (Green - Throws) (Blue - Specials) (Red - Ultimates *can require throw+special or attack+special, learn the symbols)

4th Option - CPU Settings
-1 - Confirm
-2 - Positioning on Reset
(Default - Center, 2nd - CPU back to Ropes, 3rd - CPU back to Corner, 4th - P1 back to Ropes, 5th - P1 Back to Corner)
-3 - CPU MODE (Default - neutral, 2nd - CPU on, 3rd - Probably Human/2P on)
-4 - Difficulty, only turns on when CPU is on
-5 - CPU Actions
(Default - No Block, 2nd - Block all, 3rd - Attack *usually lifts or knocks down*, 4th - Throw, 5th - Walk Forward, 6th - Walk Backward, 7th - Dash Forward, 8th - Dash Backward, 9th - Dash Foreground, 10th - Dash Background, 11th - Throw? *That's what the CPU seems to be doing...*)
-6 - Recovery/Ukemi (Default - No recovery 2nd - Normal Recovery, 3rd - Foreground Recovery, 4th - Background Recovery, 5th Recovery Randomly including directions)
-7 - Wake Up/Getting Up/Tactical Recovery (Default - No Roll, 2nd - Roll Forward, 3rd - Roll Backward, 4th - Roll Foreground, 5th - Roll Background, 6th - Wake Up Attack, 7th - Wake Up Throw, 8th - Random)
-8 - Grounded Options (Default - Get up after a second, 2nd - Get Up after 5 Seconds, 3rd - Random)
-9 - Reversal Options (Default - No Reversal, 2nd - Parry (SFIII STYLE YEAH!), 3rd - Throw Reversal, 4th - Parry and Throw Reversal, 5th - Random)
-10 - Default Settings (yes or no in english XD) *I suggest using this if you get a little lost*

5th Option - Training Settings (Super bar, KKD related stuff)
-1 - Confirm
-2 - Life Settings (Default - Life drains to K.O., 2nd - LIfe Refills)
-3 - Super Bar Settings (Default - Starts at 3, fills normally, 2nd - Max start but not infinite, 3rd - Infinite)
-4 - KKD Setting (Default - One use only, 2nd - Always usable)
-5 - Low Health *Like Classic KOF red health* (Default - No One Low Health, 2nd - P1 Low health, 3rd - 2P Low Health, 4th, 1P&2P Low Health)
-6 - 1p???? No idea
-7 - 2p???? No idea
-8 - Default Settings (Yes or No in english)

6th Option - Damage and Combo Data (On or Off)

7tn Option - Config. Controller

8th Option - Character Select

9th Option - Quit

Yeah, one night (this night I typed) I got my hands on the game, loved playing it, practiced, and figured out what most of the stuff did. So I decided to share my knowledge to those who are still in need of training options.

One other thing that's already been answered is KKD:

Blue text - Cancel combos and attacks into each other, sometimes certain throws, but attack damage is decreased, using same attack around 3-4 times and continuing will reduce the damage by 90-99% pretty much (attacks doing only 1-5 damage), throws can do less under certain circumstances, but to deal most damage, use a throw after KKD
Green Text - Seems to reduce property of an attack by one level. You will have hyper armor against normal attacks, and only receive normal attack feedback from a stagger or lift attack
Red text - Cancel most normals into specials and specials into specials.
PSN: nero955
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