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User Info: jepsgo

7 years ago#1
How do you get past the water gateway...after killing the two assasins i tried both doors but to no avail...what do i do now??

User Info: renengade_zero

7 years ago#2

you can either kill a dervish captain who's located in a special room (there's a tent inside that room) who has a key. or, you use your twilight skill to find a hidden door that leads around the huge wooden trapdoor.

User Info: Black_Excalibur

7 years ago#3
Chances are you already figured it out but for others that are stuck as well.... you need to loot both of them and from one you get a Hammer weapon... press Q till u got it equiped and use it on the wooden doors... the bottom one contains a trainer so go there first.
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