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User Info: Toshint

7 years ago#1
I don't see a topic about this, so lets create one...

Anyone knows how many treasures are in there?
I just found 19, and there is some more...

I don't play the game in English, so names may differ a lot (free translation power:) ), and furthermore i'm doing this without the game in front...

To get the shovel buy it in the arsenal district, in front of the doctor's house.

Story related:
1º- Venice east island house: in the garden, behind the lion statue (black grimoire item)
2º- Palace: in the labyrinth garden, bottom left zone (the buried lover)

Non story:
Initial zone:
3º- get out of the village, take the first left, you will find the base of the villains, look the map for the U shaped structure (were the boos was), the treasure was in the middle of the U.
4º- in the forest zone, bottom-right zone, opposite the house, go up one segment of the map, and dig near a tree (very hard to give good tips)
5º- copper mine: to the left of the passage that leads to the moonshard room, take a few steps, and dig.
6º copper mine: in the middle of one of the no-exit passages (more details wil be given when i look into maps)
7º beach zone: go to the top-left zone: you will see a tree, the treasure it's behind (the map marks thins treasure in the bridge that's up there)
8º smugglers bay: look for the skeleton on the right side, the treasure is a few steps down.

Cave to Venice:
9º- when you reach the big hall, with the enemy room in front of you, if you go down you will find a passage that skips the door, in that passage there is 2 mid-size zones, i think the treasure it's on the right one.

Venice outer city (periphery maybe):
10º- Just outside silver wings headquarters, top left of the garden.
11º- Catacombs, i`m sure there is one in there, but didn't remember were...

Venice inner city:
13º- Catacombs, in the room were you fought the king crab, if you enter from the south, go to the north for the right side, when you're about to reach the high part, dig around there
14º- catacombs, another one i didn't remember exactly where was...

15º- in the beach, on the left.
16º- outside the village, the middle cave, dig near the head of the animal skeleton.
17º- cave in the village, around the middle of the cave
18º- get into the tree of life, there is 2 exits of the tree that take you nowhere, in the exit that has root's and bad herbs, dig there.

Venice west island house:
19º- garden, top right corner

20º- outside the palace doors (final enemy, not entire palace), there is a grass zone, go to the top right corner, and dig. I didn't find the map of this treasure, i digged because the crow were pointing the zone.

I finally got 20 instead of the 19, so it could be because i didn't count the last one dig spot because i don't have the map, or that one of the catacombs forgotten place treasures didn´t really exists.

If anyone knows of any other dig spot, please help:).
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