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User Info: SpikeSpiegel

8 years ago#1
Nice try for a PS2, tho'.........
"Bang!"-Session 26
(Cowboy Bebop)

User Info: cody4783

8 years ago#2
So, in your opinion, is it worth buying? (And if not now, maybe a few weeks/months from now, after a decent price drop?)

I just watched a couple gameplay vids, and the game seems to compare to something like, say, ATV Off-Road Fury gameplay/graphics... Which isn't that bad, if the game is atleast "fun". The sad thing I found: The PS3/360 versions don't look much better... o_o
-PROUD Slim (70K model) PS2 and (+.[PHAT]-:-) PSP - FW 5.00m33-3 owner.

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