Post your Splatterhouse glitches here !!

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User Info: Tekkaman_Gamma

6 years ago#1
Ok, so i was finally able to get a Namco Bandai account on there forum. As a result, i posted a Splatterhouse Glitch thread on there site. I know it's a long shot and we won't know unless we try; however, if you guys get a chance, please post your glitches in this topic and/or the topic in the Namco/Bandai forum. Hopefully if enough people list there glitches, we can probably get a patch for the game. And i know i'm not the only experiancing the glitches in this game. Don't forget to list the system your using that you are experiance the glitches in. Thank you for your time. :)
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User Info: Knight_Of_Order

6 years ago#2
I havent got any glitches so far, though i would love if Namco released a patch that allowed us to install the game.
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User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
6 years ago#3
the sprinkles in stage 3 would not shut off to let me pass, when i reloaded a save everything was black, i have fallen through the floor countless times as well.
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User Info: Gamemaster64

6 years ago#4
Doing the heart boss, I hit the prompt button for the scene to start and there was two Ricks. One just standing there and one doing the work.
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User Info: cocojay86

6 years ago#5
first play through was flawless, but on my second run through i encountered quite a few.

1. on the first worm sub boss i chargered a splatter-smash when it was down, the second i i let go to perform the move the game suddenly froze.

power off/ power on.

2. fought the worm again but before it allow me to perform the finisher the boss just vanish and i just continue with the game.

3. during the first encounter with the clowns, after i finished the 3 waves of clowns the door wouldnt open. no loading or anything, i was just suck in that one area.

quit game/ enter game again.

4. same thing happen again, had to actaully power off the playstation for it to load normally.

User Info: dethreign

6 years ago#6
Not getting any sound through HDMI in the classic games will test alternate audio output to composite later. 1 and 2 are affected, I haven't unlocked Splatterhouse 3 on the PS3 version yet.
The sound is there on the Xbox 360 version, but it tends to drop out quite a bit.

Terror Mask voice during splatterkills is there sometimes, sometimes not, the subtitles show up, but the mask stays silent. This hasn't been as bad of a problem since Phase 3 start. Also happens in the Xbox 360 version.

Not glitches, but I wish they'd fix anyway:

The tackle and pound needs reworking. It's completely useless unless there's only 1 enemy, any damage taken knocks you out of it. Don't have to make Rick invincible, just reduce the damage taken while pounding face.

The zombie guys grab move where you have to shake the left stick to get out of the hold could use a reworking. Win or lose, it takes way too long to get control of Rick back.

Also, Splatterkills shouldn't kill your combo and should stop time until control of Rick is returned.

User Info: Gamemaster64

6 years ago#7
I just remembered some more. I also encountered the disappearing worm. Also during the fight with the two guys with those club arm and the one guy with the whip(I think those are right). I killed one of them and was going to kill the other and while in the middle of the splatter kill the whip dood's cutscene interrupted it(I only did this twice and it only happened once)
Not much of potato he said but potato he wrote.

User Info: KryptAngel

6 years ago#8
Only 2 major glitches I've run into playing the game.

First one was in Scream Park when you enter the room in the funhouse where the devil cut out drops its pitchfork and traps and you gotta fight a few ways of clowns and a fist demon to get out well the first time I enter nothing spawned so I was effectively trapped in the room reloading the checkpoint fixed the issue

Second glitch is the far more evil "Bottomless Pit" bug that occurs doing the free fall sequence in Phase 11. I sat for a good 30 minutes just letting rick fall before finally tried to intentionally kill rick by hitting the obstacles only to go right through them lol. Had to play the entire level over cuz if the bug occurs the checkpoint gets bugged too >_<

I've seen a few minor glitches in combat too only 2 come to mind immediately tho. There was one instance where I was performing a splatterkill on one of the sphincter demons (quite possibly my favorite SK in the game lol) nothing came out when rick removed his hand from the monsters butt. Second one happened while fighting one of the big demons with the giiant fist and got the prompt to mash X to catch a punch. Instead of rick bracing himself against the fist instead of doing the right animation rick just kinda jumped up and down in front of the monster....I ironically the things still died lol
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User Info: JesterSeesAll

6 years ago#9
1. Phase 11 free fall forever glitch. Even worse it wasn't recognizing Rick on screen so I couldn't hit anything to kill myself. Even after quitting and continuing it kept me in the same spot with the same glitch, had to restart the entire Chapter.

2. Random and frequent freezing going from the loading screen of the monster animations to the actual game.

3. Freezing during the actual game when the save icon would appear. Usually accompanied by hiccups and slowdown for a few seconds as well.

4. I killed the boss with the lighting rods in it, and during the actual win animation of him screaming my life bar depleted rapidly and I died.

5. When the big frog monster grabs you and you have to mash circle to push it back, I got stuck in the frame of animation of Rick bent backwards holding the mouth. I could move around the screen but nothing could touch me and I couldn't use any buttons.

6. Select button stopped working. I was in the middle of Phase 7 and for no reason it stopped working. Restart, quit, etc. didn't help either, the glitch stayed no matter what I did. Had to replay the first Chapter to the point in which they prompt you to hit the Select button to power up, thankfully that fixed it.

7. Falling through the floor in various spots, too many to count. Sometimes dying, sometimes just stuck in a black screen.

8. The mask for beating the game disappeared from my slot. Had to beat the game again to get it to reappear.

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User Info: OmegaAce1313

6 years ago#10
I once had an enemy glitch through a wall on survival, thus making him unkillable. He was still able to harm me, mind you! :(
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