who does the voice for the mask?

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User Info: Trunks 2003

Trunks 2003
7 years ago#1
the reason i ask is because he sound really familiar.
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User Info: Mindwipe77

7 years ago#2
Jim Cummings famous for Darkwing Duck, Tigger and alot of other 90s cartoons
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User Info: zombiehunting84

7 years ago#3
Yeah, right when i heard him talk i was like Holy Crap Its Darkwing Duck....and he's got a potty mouth lol
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User Info: billsnbizkits

7 years ago#4
Also did the voice for Dr Robotnik from the old Sonic cartoon with the Freedom Fighters in Knotthole. Always makes me smile knowing that he was Dr Robotnik and Tigger!
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User Info: Chrebet808

7 years ago#5
jim cummings has been in every cartoon and animated movie released in america since the mid 80s
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User Info: ShinKungFuMan

7 years ago#6
Let's not forget Minsc...which leads me to expect him to shout "Wahey!" at random points when beating on enemies.

User Info: Super_Smily_Dea

7 years ago#7
I couldn't stop busting up at one of the lines he said cause he sounded nearly identical to Disney's Pete. Some wisecrack about saving Jen, I'll never view Pete the same way again after that one haha.
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User Info: DivineBlueIce

7 years ago#8
It was very cool hearing that voice again! but it was Mega Duck from the show not Dark Wing! I do not know if he voiced both??

User Info: DivineBlueIce

7 years ago#9
sorry Negaduck I meant to say!

User Info: Psycho_Kenshin

7 years ago#10
Love that guy, he's everywhere. Darkwing Duck!
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