Fallout: Resurgence (Part 2) *Originally from Parks Car*

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User Info: Cyvaler

6 years ago#1
The story so far...

... the Enclave, eradicated from the Wasteland by the gallant Brotherhood of Steel, are replaced by a more sinister, brutal and lethal force. Vault-Tec Corporation, a force resurgent in the ruins of Washington. There is no compromising or negotiation in their march for power and control, in a bid to regain what they consider was rightfully theirs.

Elder Sarah Lyons and the Citadel, decimated in the blink of an eye, and the Brotherhood on the brink of defeat when a new Supreme Commander rises from the mayhem; a solid tactician and field commandant, respected by his comrades, friends and enemies alike, he is Steve “Vault Tec Boy” Jones. The Commander and surviving Brothers relocate and begin bolstering their ranks, starting at Springvale, the new fortress-like home of the Steel.

An experimentation, a man with inhuman strengths and the ability to become something the Wasteland has feared for a long time, a Super Mutant Behemoth, pursues the answers hidden behind the many, many, many decades he has been on this earth. Lunar Savage, long time friend to Supreme Commander Steve Jones, is determined more than ever to get those ever evasive answers now that Vault-Tec have resurfaced, and now finds himself alone, departed from the Steel, and in the deadly ruins of DC.

An ally from the mid-west, in search of answers and an understanding that has long since outwitted him, James Vanzetti, restored to his Paladin status, seeks out the Eastern Brotherhood’s current ruler in a bid to re-unite the two black sheep factions of the Brotherhood for a common goal. However, his underlying object rests with his wife who has been restrained against her wife. Now, Vanzetti, a man of pride, faces a choice between the death of him and his wife, or the betrayal of Brotherhood.

Nahum Kantor, a man of resolve, high morals, and dedication, leads his men, the Frost Marines, into the Wasteland in search of technology and power. His neutrality in the war between the Steel and Vault-Tec has led to confusion and casualties; however, his alignment to the Steel is now apparent following Vault-Tec’s betrayal of their so called agreement and the Frost Marines’ leader was timely in his assistance in the recent Great Battle of Underworld.

A long time enemy, an evil, twisted, corrupted man with a shadowy background, emerged, once, as rightful Overlord of the decaying Pitt. Now, Daedra, and his plentiful army of raiders, have since found instability in the Wasteland, finding their power and control could not be applied in the same way, they resolve to forge friendships with past adversaries and temporarily band together in order to rid Washington of Vault Tec. In combination with the stoic pilot, Isaac, a Canadian in search of political power over the States, they were the saving grace for the Steel in their desperate battle at Underworld.
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User Info: Cyvaler

6 years ago#2
Jawless, once a selfish human Doctor but now a psychopathic and homicidal machine, returns from being reprogrammed at Vault-Tec’s behest. Confused, complicated and struggling to come to terms with what he has been, Jawless overcomes such restrictions when he is destroyed. The machine is rebuilt and finds himself with a new outcome on his future, agreeing to a peace treaty between himself and Commander Jones; a man who, for reasons not quite clear to himself, he has looked up to and respected. The robot now heads up the newly reformed Pride.

The hunter, Darkil, once instructed by the remnants of Richard Grey’s organisation to assassinate the Steel’s Supreme Commander, soon became one of his closest allies and stood by him up until the horror that occurred at the Great Battle of Underworld, after which no trace of him was ever found. Solokov, a Russian super soldier, mysteriously appears in the Wasteland, seeking out Darkil and reveals that he has been tasked with bringing him home. After Darkil goes missing, The Organization, whom Solokov works for, order the insertion of Church, Gavril and Shurik to assist in locating him, and finding out more about Supreme Commander Jones.

Gordon, a man with little to no knowledge of his own past, seeks answers after becoming an Initiate with the Steel and finds that his determination to do so is perhaps becoming his own worst enemy.

And finally, Vault-Tec finds their once unstoppable march on the Wasteland, wavering after the defence of Underworld and problems with loyalty between their leading Executives, one of whom is Commander Jones’s one-time love interest, Helen Cargill. She has now revealed herself to be slowly bringing down Vault-Tec’s hierarchy from the inside, together with Executive Scilicet.

This is Fallout: Resurgence.
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User Info: Cyvaler

6 years ago#3

From: GeneralKenobi85 | Posted: 9/4/2010 12:06:38 PM | #003
Gordon awoke in the same pitch black room he had been in last time. He did the same routine as last time, ending once again with him walking into the terminal. The light snapping on instantly confirmed this. He looked at the screen hoping to see the jumbled letters. If this whole thing would play out the same way, then it could mean that he's just dreaming. Instead, on screen was an image of the GNR logo. He pressed down on every key on the keyboard, but nothing happened. Then the voice from before boomed across the vast sea of darkness.

"Welcome back, Mr. Black. You are now residing in the new GNR headquarters. I hope you enjoy your time here."

Could you tell me what the **** is going on at least," Gordon spat back.

"I suppose that would be helpful. Well, believe it or not, I am very real and we are currently inside your mind."

"Now I know I must be dreaming", Gordon chuckled, "That's not even possible."

"Oh but it is. That device that Johnathon placed into your Pip-boy was the unit containing me. I'm basically downloaded into your mind."

"Prove it then."

"I will, when you return to consciousness. I can control your actions if I wanted to, but I'm vehemently against stripping people of their free will. And before you try and make a snappy comeback, encouraging them through the radio is not the same as completely sapping their free will away."

"So what are you trying to accomplish then?"

"I'm trying to help you. And hopefully you will help me out in return. You may have destroyed an army of those who were doing good, but you misunderstood the situation."

Gordon felt that this conversation was getting nowhere. If this thing even was real, it would only be a hindrance to him. He decided to bring it up, "I'm not entirely sure what you could help me with anyway. And you still have no proof that those GNR guys were doing justifiable. If you really are part of my mind then I'd just prefer you either get out or leave me alone."

"I used to be a human being too, Gordon. One key quality of a good person is open-mindedness. I would hope that you possess that trait. Maybe what you need is an actual person speaking to you to get it through your skull. I'd like you to go to the Capitol building in D.C. Inside you will meet Johnathon again, and he will do his best to enlighten you."

"I don't really have time for........"

"Oh, but you will. The next time we speak, I will give you the information that you seek."

Before Gordon could even respond to this tease, he whited out.

User Info: Cyvaler

6 years ago#4

From: GeneralKenobi85 | Posted: 9/4/2010 12:41:16 PM | #004
A lead pipe was balanced on Gordon's palm. He curled his fingers back and gripped the pipe. It snapped in half after a few seconds. Gordon was impressed with his new limbs. He had no trouble getting used to them either due to the wonders of modern science. It was all downloaded into his brain. Skin had been grafted onto the limbs to make them look completely normal. The only thing was that on each of them was a tiny piece of skin that acted like a hatch. He could access all the mechanical features he needed through there.

His new limbs were a much better upgrade from the cheap cloned limbs of the Garys that had been sewn onto him earlier. They were incredibly strong, which Gordon found out after punching a hole through the wall a few minutes after waking up from surgery. The Brain passed it off as a glitch, and poked around at his new limbs for a few seconds more before sending him off. Gordon hated himself for it, but he knew that this mysterious voice really was in his mind and could control him. At least it seemed like that.

Gordon thumbed through the Pip-boy that didn't feel like a weight pressing against his arm anymore. The fact that his cybernetic limbs were now heavier than his organic ones cancelled out that pressure. He still found it rather odd that this being was mysteriously inserted into his body through the Pip-boy. But the only way to get answers was to find this John guy again, and he had little time to do that.

Gordon just sighed and got up from his chair. It had been 13 hours since the surgery began, and his data was due to him an hour after it ended. He walked back into the room where he was operated on to see the Brain doing all sorts of things.

"All the data you requested is on this screen, Mr. Black." the Brain said without even taking a break. Gordon didn't hesitate. He walked over to the screen she had pointed too, and plopped himself into the chair. The raw data completely baffled Gordon, but luckily there were explanations on the side. His brain activity was off the charts during the surgery. More evidence pointing to the pitch black room and the voice being real. After reading some other tidbits that piqued his interest, he scrolled down until he found the section describing his DNA. It didn't match anything they had in the system, which didn't surprise him. He was clearly hoping for a miracle on that.

Gordon stood up, disappointed. The Brain still did a hell of a job. He thanked it and gladly went on his way back up to the surface. After gathering his things and saying goodbye to the denizens of Paradise, he was out. As he walked past the two guard Protectrons, the Brain's voice addressed him again.

"Remember Mr. Black, Paradise will always be available if you require assistance. We hope you enjoyed your stay."

Gordon smiled and walked back toward Springvale. It was time for him to prove himself to the world and find the answers he had been looking for for the past few weeks.

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