Guitar Hero: Jonas Brothers

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User Info: aag360360

8 years ago#1
Discuss which bands would make for a FAR better Guitar Hero than the Jonas Brothers, which basically extends to everything. Ever.

I'll go ahead and throw one out there: Guitar Hero: Hannah Montana.


Okay, Guitar Hero: Megadeth. It would do justice to Metallica's biggest rival. And a whole lot of their material would make for some really good GH potential.

User Info: Frasier_Crane

8 years ago#2

That isn't to say Guitar Hero: The sound of someone taking a crap, wouldn't beat both of them.
Well at the moment, Rebecca. (5:40)

User Info: doingitwrong

8 years ago#3
Guitar Hero: Mormon Tabernacle Choir

User Info: SpacemanHardy

8 years ago#4
Guitar Hero: Please Cut It Out; These Topics Aren't Funny.
Here. Have a Krogan Sandwich.

User Info: xZeppelin18x

8 years ago#5
omg this is the 3rd time ive seen thid dum annoying topic
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