Speedfix for Windows 7

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User Info: talon12020

7 years ago#1
Seems a lot of people are having trouble with SR2 running too fast (or slow) in Win7 and no one has mentioned the speedfix available here: http://www.saintsrowpowertools.com/

Give it a try and report back if it works (or doesn't) for you.
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User Info: neddread

7 years ago#2


I have not tried your link, but my game was suffering all the classic problems, leaving it unplayable.

Windows 7 has recently updated and lag problems are history in all games.

And this link: http://xbox360video.net/how-to-bug-the-xbox-360/saints-row-2-fix-fast-forward-bug-for-windows-7

has a video guide that fixes THE FAST FORWARD speed problem that uses a program called CHEAT ENGINE that runs as a seperate process, without altering game files and gives you full control of the game speed. And can also be used for all your games.


But you know, I payed £35 for this game over a year ago and can only now play it after months of system changing, emails, phonecalls. No wonder young people don't pay for games nowadays, it's a con.

User Info: MyopicCanadian

7 years ago#3

Trying the first one.. what should I change the speed value to so that it runs at "normal" speed?

User Info: MyopicCanadian

7 years ago#4

Nm... tried it at 0.85. Works great!

User Info: Tdoom

7 years ago#5
i use w7 ult 64bit but never had any speed problems i wonder why

User Info: showoffmob2

7 years ago#6
I have W7 professional 64 bit, and I do suffer from this speed issue, actually just thought the game was simply ported to the PC without a care, glad to see that it's a real issue and not just bad programming.

Anyway, I own the game on Steam, so I'll try the fix listed in the first post (many thanks for that, by the way), and see if it works.
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