Rune Stones?

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User Info: ProfTolkien

8 years ago#1
I just opened up the green ruins and received a letter from the guy in the clock tower. He mentions bringing some rune stones. what are they, how do I find them, and what are they used for?
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User Info: LanThePrince77

8 years ago#2
Okay so I assume Candy isn't there yet...

If Candy and Cinnamon aren't there yet then talk to the old man (Kanno) until he mentions his granddaughters (he has to be INSIDE the clocktower!) Walk outside and Candy and Cinnamon should show up.

Talk to Candy and she will explain to you about Runeys and Rune Stones.

User Info: JRBreen

8 years ago#3
Rune Stones are formed from Runeys, the little colored things that are floating around in the game world. In order to make Rune Stones, you need to harvest 10 Runeys of a particular color (using the Harvester you can get from Candy) and give them to Candy. She'll convert them to a Rune Stone for you. The stones are used in the synthesis of certain items, as well as to open doors (such as dungeon doors). You'll need a Tree Rune Stone to get into the second dungeon.

The library has a bookshelf dedicated to explaining the Runey system, inside the door and to the right.
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