Runey Guide - How they work and how to get areas into prosperity v2

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User Info: Kiariy

8 years ago#1
All credit for the info goes to foifoi2 and his sources.
If anybody can check what happens if all areas are in prosperity, that would be great.

1. What are runeys?
2. Candy, the girl that helps with the runeys
3. The Harvester
4. Checking how many runeys are out there: the Runey Map
5. Rune Stones and Miracles
6. Prosperity
7. Food chain
8. Why runeys die if you don't do anything.
9. Area Bonus.
10. How crops help runeys
11. What happens every day
12. Runey growth in Homestead
13. Weather
14. If all runeys die...
15. If all areas are in prosperity...
16. Bonuses and penalties
17. Grass Runeys and Grass Factories
18. How to get areas into prosperity

1. What are runeys?
They are "spirits" that affect the growth of your crops. If runeys die out in an area your farm and dungeons will produce crops slowly while if they reach "prosperity" they'll get bonuses.
They can be harvested with the Harvester tool (given to you by Candy) and then released into other areas or they can be used to make miracles or Rune Stones to open some doors and get your monsters pregnant.

2. Candy, the girl that helps with the runeys
Candy appears along with Cinnamon. You need to talk to Kannon (the old guy in the clock tower) until he mentiosn his granddaughters. It usually takes 2-3 days of talking to him a few times each.

3. The Harvester
Talk to Candy and ask her about runeys.

4. Checking how many runeys are out there: the Runey Map
The runey map can be accesed by talking to Candy or by going to the second floor in clock tower where there's this machine/structure that's blue and has some kind of glass bubble, it works as a map too.

5. Rune Stones and Miracles
Harvest some runeys and then ask Candy to do it or go to the second floor in clock tower and read the note next to the map.

6. Prosperity
When an area has 35 or more of each runey it reaches prosperity and it's yellow/orange in the runey map. Your crops will grow faster for each area in prosperity. Areas in prosperity don't behave like normal areas, water, rock and tree runeys keep growing until reaching 60 (the max) while the grass runeys decrease by 2 each day (no matter how many water, rock or tree runeys there are) except for the first 7 days in a month (they increase by 1 those days) and Homestead. Homestead will still produce grass runeys.

7. Food chain
Runeys follow a food chain... kind of.
Water > Rock > Tree > Grass
That means water runeys eat rocks and so on. Grass runeys don't eat anything while water runeys aren't eaten by anything.
Apparently the Homestead doesn't follow this and the runeys don't eat each other.

8. Why runeys die if you don't do anything.
Unattended, your runeys will die... and here's how it usually happens:
- Water runeys keep multiplying (they don't get eaten by anything)
- Water runeys eat all or most rock runeys
- Tree runeys start multiplying because nothing eats them
- Water runeys start dying since they don't have anything to eat
- Tree runeys start eating all grass runeys
And there you go... now you have a lot of tree runeys and only a few water and grass and probably no rocks.

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User Info: Kiariy

8 years ago#2
9. Area Bonus.
Each area except the Homestead has a runey symbol when you look at it on the runey map. This makes the area better at growing those runeys as far as I can tell from my experiments with Grass Factories.
Every 20th you'll get a bonus in those areas, 20 runeys. So, for example, on the beach, you'll get 20 water runeys.
This can screw up your runey balance so be careful.
Some people have reported that some areas get a different bonus than what they are supposed to though, still, be careful this doesn't screw the balance if your areas aren't in prosperity.
I tested this myself on Bussiness District (Rock area) with 5 of each runey and the next day I had 5:3:27:5 (Water:rock:tree:grass) so as you can see, I got 22 trees and -2 rocks... trees are eaten by rocks though, so maybe that's why... I could speculate about this but I don't reallly know why.
For those who are too lazy too remember or check the map:
Homestead: None
Lake Poli: Water
Mountain Road: Tree
Public Square: Rock
Bussiness District: Rock
South District: Grass
Church District: Tree
Road to the Beach: Grass
Beach: Water

10. How crops help runeys.
Each 3x3 square that has crops will add runeys. This means that leaving unharevested crops (even in dunegons) will help adding runeys. Fully grown crops don't need to be watered.
This runeys are added to the homestead as far as I can tell and then you can use them to repopulate other areas.

11. What happens every day.
The first 7 days of each month 1 of each runey is added and the food chain doesn't affect the areas.
The next days the food chain applies except for prosperity areas where runeys keep getting added except for grass that decrases by 2 each day.

12. Runey growth in Homestead
Homestead doesn't behave like other areas and as you might notice, it doesn't have an area bonus either. The food chain doens't apply here aparently so runeys keep getting added. For me, this area got into prosperity by itself during Summer.
Runey growth in Homestead is better the more crops you have. Don't harvest fully grown crops if you need more runeys (you don't need to water them).
Runey growth is random though.. I made some tests and I've gained between 1 to 10 grass runeys by saving and reloading.

13. Weather.
Weather affects runeys and rainy days will make water runeys prosper. I'm not sure about typhoons though.

14. If all runeys die...
When there's less than 4 runeys in an area it'll be red in the map.
If there's 0 runeys then that area will be dead and it'll be black/gray on the map.
Crops start growing slowly and may even die because of this.
ravaggle tested what happens if all runeys die in all areas: crops might not die but they will take a lot longer to mature. A turnip takes 18 days instead of 4.

15. If all areas are in prosperity...
Some people say nothing happens, in other words, it's as if all areas where normal and you loose the prosperity bonus. Has anyone tested this?

16. Bonuses and penalties
Areas in prosperity make your crops grow faster. For exmaple, having 1 area in prosperity will make grass regrow every day instead of every 2 days.
Areas with no runeys will make your crops grow slowly and they might wither and die.
Bonuses for having areas in prosperity and penalties for having no runeys in an area are only effective during the next day. You can have an area in prosperity for a while then take some runeys so it won't be in prosperity during that same day and it'll be as if it was never in prosperity.

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User Info: Kiariy

8 years ago#3
17. Grass Runeys and Grass Factories
Grass runeys grow depending on their percentage in proporton to other runeys.
Grass factories produce grass runeys (duh!). Having 60 water, 0 tree and 10 grass (and maybe 10 rocks) will make grass runeys grow to about 25 the next day while water runeys will decrease. Keep taking away some grass runeys (until there0s 10 left) and adding water ones (remember that areas in prosperity keep producing water, rock and tree runeys so you can take them from there).
As for zones, use a Grass runey maps... Erik's farm or Road to the Beach (Mist's farm). When I tried this on Bussiness District it went from 10 to 24 grass and form 60 to 44 water which is about 4-5 less than on grass runey zones.
I've tried this in Erik's farm and it works as long as the climate is sunny/normal, grass runeys grow to 28-29 while water ones drop to 45-44. Mist's Farm should work better though since you don't have to get through houses to harvest those runeys (both of this are grass runey areas).
Finally, like LunarForever noted, this grass factories shouldn't work on the first 7 days as the food chain doesn't apply, but other areas won't die during this days either anyway so it's not a big deal.

18. How to get areas into prosperity
The proccess is kind of slow and will take a lot of your time. Here's a guideline.
- Homestead will keep producing runeys, get it into prosperity (by using runeys from other areas if needed), leave some fodder there and in dunegons without cutting it and use the extra runeys to balance other areas, speacilly grass runeys.
- Make a grass factory if you have a lot of water runeys and need grass ones and keep it running.
- Even with a small amount of runeys, an area should be able to survive for a while so you can take runeys from other areas as well. For example, I had an area with nothing but 7 tree runeys, the next day it had 5... as you can see that's not too bad as it's still counted as alive
- Concentrate in one area at a time and try to get them into prosperity. 40:45:45:45 works for example (water:rock:tree:grass), remember that grass will keep dieing.
- Keep grass runeys above 35 in prosperity areas, remember that 2 are taken each day.
- You can take water, rock and grass runeys from areas in prosperity since they'll "grow" back.
Keep doing this, slowly getting areas into prosperity. I have 5 right now and I've been doing this during Summer and part of fall and I haven't really spent all days doing it.

19. How to keep areas in prosperity
Areas in prosperity loose 2 grass runeys every day but they keep producing the other 3.
In order to keep it in prosperity you need to keep adding grass runeys and there's 2 options for this:
- Getting grass runeys from a grass factory (and a few from Homestead):
This is easier, keep a grass factory running, you should be getting 16-20 grass runeys every day. In order to keep it running you just need to use water runeys from your areas in prosperity. This might seem like it takes a lot of time, but it doesn't. You don't need to distribute the grass runeys every day, just do it on Holidays. The next Holiday there should be 12 less grass runeys for each area in prosperity but Homestead.
- Gettin grass runeys from Homestead:
For this you would need quite a few crops ready to harvest so your Homestead can produce enough. Remember that you need to produce 2 per day for each area that is in prosperity. By doing this you could get all areas into prosperity though.

User Info: Keyblade_Keeper

8 years ago#4

User Info: hamblasto

8 years ago#5
This is awesome. I printed it out and I'm gonna try this stuff out the next time I play.

User Info: Shii7

8 years ago#6
let us know what happens!
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User Info: bakagaijin78

8 years ago#7
So you got bonus Tree runeys in a Rock zone? Hmmm. I'm almost at the 20th of my current season and I'm going to do a couple tests to see what I can see. Just to add a note about the runey production on the Homestead: The Homestead DOES NOT produce runeys in the Winter. Your farm needs to be producing crops or fodder for runey production and it can't do this in Winter. The only time your farm will produce runeys in Winter is during the first 7 days when you get the +1 bonus for each runey in each area (or so I have noticed thus far). Just a heads-up for those who have been (or are planning to) skim runeys off the top to balance other areas. Other areas don't seem to be affected through and they seem to be behaving like they have in other seasons.

User Info: Kiariy

8 years ago#8
Then during winter you need a Grass Factory to keep your areas in prosperity...

That raises a question though... do crops in dungeons actually help in runey production? It may be that during winter homestead simply stops producing but it also may be that crops in dungeons simply don't help. It'll be kind of hard to test since runey production is kind of random.

I completely filled the green ruins with turnips (about 10 3x3 plots more than when I did the first test) the other day so I'll see whether production numbers are better or not when I get home or if I have time now.

User Info: Hyperion3000

8 years ago#9
I have 5 areas in prosperity, but don't want to be doing this forever X[
Are you sure grass runies only decrease by 2 every day? Mine seem to go down more than that. Do you have to have 60 grass runies so that they only decrease by two?

And, do I need to always have a grass factory? I guess it would be best to keep that one area not in prosperity as a grass runey factory.


User Info: LunarForever

8 years ago#10
Its 2 grass runeys each day. Maybe you miscounted or something?
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