Can you marry Ganesha??

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User Info: wolf_raven

8 years ago#1
Not that the other girls are bad but i'm an older dude in real life and i like my females to look older, plus Ganesha is wayyy hawt, elves ftw!

User Info: Bobtheball4

8 years ago#2
No, you cant marry her.

User Info: TriforceBun

8 years ago#3
Heh, I kind of agree with the original poster, I wish this game had some older-looking ladies.

There IS an elf you can court though! But I'll leave you to figure out who that is.
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User Info: Vandermillion

8 years ago#4
Pity isn't it? She would be my number one aside from Black Iris

User Info: Akel777

8 years ago#5
Yeah, it's disappointing. With so many characters it would've been nice to have a better variety.

User Info: Keltset

8 years ago#6
Selphy seems older.

There's a lot of things this game would have been nice to have. My sister wishes there were a female option like in HM:ToT. I think it would be nice if a game finally addressed the issue of actual growth. You know, as people get older, they look older. This mainly applies to Uzuki, who looks about as old as Candy. Which then leads in to the fact I'd much rather marry Candy than Uzuki. Especially since she has the Rune Miracle abilities (They'd be mine, ALL MINE!!! MUAHAHAHAHA).

Other than that, yeap.

Am I the only one who would try to marry Rita?

Pfft, I KNOW that I'm the only one who would try and marry Stella.

User Info: Vandermillion

8 years ago#7
Nope, Stella when she was 50 years younger is downright beautiful =D, I would chase after her without a second thought =D. Of course the current one is a little withered ~_~; If only there was a side-quest for her that allows you to restore her youth or something =D.

User Info: Keltset

8 years ago#8
...I kind of meant I would marry her at her current age...

But y'know... Whatever.


User Info: Silver Screemer

Silver Screemer
8 years ago#9
I love that Blacksmith.

I had the idea that you'd have to get 10 hearts with her AND her kid to marry her..

That would make her special.

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User Info: HayashiTakara

8 years ago#10
I'd mount both Ganesha and Rita in a heart beat >_>
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