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How to make tomato juice?

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User Info: sidaoli

8 years ago#1

I have the everything upgraded to the highest level (Kitchen, blender...) from both Lute and Kross. But I can't make tomato juice for Iris. I bought the True blender mastery book (Actually I bought all the book she have right now) from Rune Archives but still can't make tomato juice. When I go use the blender I can only make from yogurt drink (skill lv 34) to Mixed Ole (skill lv 90) and in between I don't see anything about tomato juice. I know tomato juice suppose be at skill level 6 (I don't have anything lower than skill lv 34, the yogurt drink) but how come I can make those high level stuff but I can't make a skill lv 6 tomato juice? Can anyone help me? I want to make it so I can give it to Iris.

--is there anywhere I can buy it?

User Info: Phantomx000

8 years ago#2
Need to buy the book from selphy. You missed one of the beginner books, she still sells them but only on certain days. I think its tuesday but not 100% on it. Just go to the library each day and she should sell you the old books.

User Info: Goldhorizon

8 years ago#3
Making Custom Recipes

- Usually once you get a recipe book (cook, lab, forge) then the
recipe shows up with the list of specified ingredients
- Sometimes you will want to experiment on your own with recipe

- To do this, just ignore the shown recipe
- Press the (-) button to choose different ingredients
- Press the (+) button to make the recipe (ignore shown recipe)

- Recipe books are great for showing you recipes but you do not
have to have/know a recipe to experiment and make one you did
not already have listed in a cook book you own
- The more ingredient slots that you have available (Kross & Lute
upgrades & equipment) then the better the recipes you can make
and experiment with
- Cooking slots generally increase (2, 4, 6 slots) as you upgrade
your kitchen size and equipment

- Remember that Selphy (Library/Rune Archives) has a sale on cook
books on Tuesdays
- This can include older books you did not buy before she
changed her book collections and new books that are not
sold with her present selection
~ Helping people with their virtual lives ~

User Info: sidaoli

8 years ago#4

thank you for helping me out..... i can finally open that gate on whale island now ......

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