What are the best Monster Pets?

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User Info: ShadowComedus

8 years ago#1
So here's the deal, I looked at the beastiary, and went: "Well, how many squares?" so can someone post the best monsters to use from each ruin?

Format them like this please:

(Green/Lava/Snow) Ruin (as main heading)

Name: (of monster)
What it does: (only post those that help on the farm)
How many it does: (Please tell us how many plots of land it does)

So hopefully someone knows. If you are thinking of posting anything other than the requested information, please don't, you are hindering. Please, no flaming.
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User Info: Boldrin

8 years ago#2
...The "amount done", is completely dependent on their FP. Meaning an
Ant is no different than a Blood Panther in terms of "Gathering".
Most suggested monsters to get for your farm in this order:
Crop Gatherer (Mine is Ant)
Grass Gatherer (Mine is Chipmunk)
Rock Breaker (Mine is Slime)
Wood Chopper (Mine is Little Mage)
Fodder Cutter (Mine is Ghost)
Crop Waterer (Mine is the Elephant thingy...)
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User Info: Kakera7

8 years ago#3
If you're wanting the better performance of the worker monsters... it's not actually the monsters you wanna look at... it's more so the Affections(smileys) you have on the monster... more smiley, faster and better they will perform.

more/higher quality animal product also depends on the affection

The battle partner/ride monster... than... I don't have much to day :D
The mount monsters are faster the happier they are. + they lvl up faster if you train with them alot.
Battle ones... I don't really keep... No info i can give there
But both have different attributes such as the mini-dragon that has elemental resistance. Great for feding off mages and magic using monsters.
Also some don't have any... Like my wolf...
It's strong against physical attacks but when it gets hit with elemental attacks, it's takes a hard hit @__@;;

So the "best" monster is the which ever one you like the best and spend the time most with.
+ you can up grade their stats with their offspring with rune stones... I think...

btw for watering and CROP harvesting monsters(not sure of how many squares total but...)
at 1 affection it just plucks/waters 1 square at same rate of speed.
at 2 affections it does 2 squares at the about same speed
at 3 affections it does 3 squares at the about same speed
so on if you can get the pattern

for all other kinds of workers...
They just chop/cut/collect/demolish at faster speed and upgrade with more affection with chopper and demolishers

They're get faster and stronger the more affection points it has.

All monsters lvl up with affection and care meaning they all get stronger.

But the monsters I have:

Whale Island:
10 moos for milk
10 wooly for wool
silver wolf at lvl 99 :D my mount and attacker
with 9 affections... it's my race car XD

Green Ruins:
10 cluckys just for eggs
Chitter(red squirell) to collects grasses that I can go back and use later.
(with 5 affection pts... it ZOOMs across my feild and pick up all miscellenious things)
slime demolishes all my rocks in the field
(not too many rocks appear in my feilds so I dunno how well this guy does... but it clears them out. eh...)

Lava Ruins:
Elefun it waters my plants... I'm hands free with most of farm work *^^*
(4 affection pts... doesn't seem to change much since 3 pts but waters 2 more square than before)

Killer Ant... It was no dif from red ant. D: it harvest my crops. Money money maker *^^*
(3 affection pts... collects 2 square less than my watering monster)

Ghost use to slice my grass but with 9999 feeds... it just weeds nao...
(it cleared all my feild at 1 affection. so.... I don't know much about other than its faster at it's work nao)

little magi I thought it'd water my feild but it chopped my sticks and stumps... 8D
(use to be real slow and chopped with sp. att of a lvl 2 axe D: but at 3 affections it's at a lvl of a silver axe)
-Brick'd, Shot, Thrown down a river-

User Info: Vandermillion

8 years ago#4
Mount is unaffected by affection. 9 affection silver wolf runs as fast as a 1 affection hunter wolf.
Stats do not increase by affection, but by level and breed. Read breeding guide for more details on what runestones give which stats.

User Info: cegmom

8 years ago#5
What breeding guide? I did search on breeding guide and got no entries available.

User Info: Link22Zelda

8 years ago#6
@ Vandsy.......this is silly but i got rid of my hunter wolf because i felt more loyalty with my silver wolf since he has been with me for so long and their level was only 1 difference.......i had no idea it would be much faster. Does the guide tell u this info and where is it as cegmom was asking?

User Info: cegmom

8 years ago#7
@ Vandsy.

Is there a breeding guide?
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