How to Handle the Runey System.

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User Info: rynrako

8 years ago#1
I wanted to post a more detailed method on dealing with the Runey system since it seems

some are still having troubles.

Some things to know. (This is addressing some of the questions not answered in the Runey

guide that may not have been addressed)

1. You do not need to grow crops on your farm to maintain the Runey system, It's best to

think of those Runey you can gain from crops being grown on your farm as a last resort

method to gain enough to put one area into prosperity or as a bonus. The same applies to

the 20th day bonus. If you are able to get one area into prosperity at 50 50 50 60, you

can restore and manage the entire system even if all the other areas are dead.

2. The Runey system affects the speed of crops grown everywhere, including dungeons.

Crops in dungeons do not produce extra Runey in any of the areas however.

3. All 9 maps in the game contribute toward making your crops grow slower or faster. In

short, think of entire Runey system divided into 9 areas to be balanced and you'll be


4. Dead areas (Black) only affect crop growth, not the Runey food chain. If you have 7

Dead areas one Grass Factory and one Prosperity Area, the Runey food chain will still

have the same rules regardless of the other areas being dead.

5. You only need a single Runey in an area to keep in alive and not have a negative

affect on the crop growth.

6. Rainy days prevent grass Runey from growing. Keep that in mind if you decide on

asking Candy for a rainy week.

7. Releasing Runey only affects the Runey count of the 9 areas in Trampoli.

8. Keep the grass Runey in your Prosperity Areas 40+ at all times, preferably 45+. I've

noticed that when you have your Grass Runey below 45 in a Prosperity Area, the other

Runey might decrease by 1 or 2. This is ok; as long as you replenish the Grass Runey to

a higher amount, they will restore themselves back to 60 the next day. - Only those you trust can ever betray you.

User Info: rynrako

8 years ago#2
-----------------------Getting Your Runey to Reach Prosperity----------------------
From now on,

(W=Water Runey, R=Rock Runey, T=Tree Runey, G=Grass Runey)

You need 50W 50R 50T 60G minimum Runey for my method. I'll explain how to fix things

from the most extreme case (all areas dead). If you are just starting out remember that

you can transfer Runey from other areas to immediately have multiple prosperity areas at

the beginning of the game, making things much easier.

*If you have enough Runey skip this next part marked with asterisks (**). Remember the

key to all of this is patience. Please always refer to the Runey Distribution Map via

Candy or at the Clock Tower to know exactly how much Runey you are dealing with each day

for the areas I mention. Write down the numbers if you have to.*

**In any season besides Winter (crops do not grow in Winter), plant as much fodder on

your farm as you can handle and grow them to maturity so they will produce Runey on

homestead. The time it takes for your fodder to mature and start producing Runey depends

on the state of your Runey ecosystem.

On the 30th that month, collect all runey on homestead and stockpile them.

On the same day, take 1 of each Runey (W,R,T,G)and place them in as many areas as you

can except for homestead (I don't believe Homestead receives the +1 bonus during the

first week of each season but I could be wrong). On the next day you should have gained

1+ of each type of Runey in those areas. At the end of the week (on Day 6) you need to

harvest all Runey back from those areas and stockpile them.

During Day 1-5 if homestead has produced enough Runey to place 1 of each into any areas

that you were unable to on Day 30 of the previous season, then you can do so on those

days and receive +1 Runey for each. Make sure to harvest those Runey back on Day 6.
Continue the rest of the month harvesting Runey gained from the fodder on your farm

until you have 50W, 50R, 50T, 60G. If you don't have enough by day 30, use the 1st week

on the next season to do the same. Once you have that amount you will no longer need the

fodder but if you want to still collect Runey that they produce on Homestead you can for

extra Runey. Just be aware that you no longer have to.** - Only those you trust can ever betray you.

User Info: rynrako

8 years ago#3
If you have 50W, 50R, 50T and 60G then:

1. Place ALL of those Runey onto any map excluding Homestead (somewhere close by to

Homestead is probably best) making your first prosperity area. Kill time until the next

day or go to sleep if you are in a rush to get your Runey set.

2.The next day your Runey will be at 60W, 60R, 60T, 58G. Collect 10W, 10R, 10T and 0G

and stockpile them. Make sure to place any G you absorb back onto the same map.

3 Do this for 4 more days. On the 5th day after gathering the Runey, you should have

50W, 50R, 50T, 0G stockpiled. Your area should have 50W, 50R, 50T, 50G.

4. On the same day, take 10G from your area (putting it at 50W, 50R, 50T, 40G) and place

50W, 10R, 0T, 10G from your stockpile onto a separate map (this map should also probably

be near Homestead) making this map your Grass Factory. You are done with Runey for today

so kill time until the next day

*Note* Beyond this point your results may vary a bit Which is why I cannot give exact

numbers, but you will still be fine as long as you continue to follow this process.

5. The next day, your Grass Factory should have gained a certain amount of G and lost R

and W and your Prosperity Area should have recovered all or nearly all it's W, R, T and

your G should have went down by 2. This is exactly what you want to happen. First, head

to your Prosperity Area and bring the Runey count down to 50W, 50R, 50T and leave the G


6. Head to your Grass Factory and bring the G count down to 10. Then bring the R count

to 10 and the W count up as high as possible with the W you collected from your

Prosperity Area (Max is 60; Remember to refer to your Runey Distribution Map to know how

many you need to release. If you reach 60 then stockpile the extras).

7. Head back to your Prosperity Area and bring the G count as high as possible (Max is

60; Remember to refer to your Runey Distribution Map to know how many you need to

release. If you reach 60 then stockpile the extras). Once you have done that, you are

done for the day.

8. Repeat step 5-7 until you have gained 70 G in your stockpile. Once you attain that

amount, you can temporarily stop producing G. Absorb the G and W from your Grass factory

and stockpile it.

9. Continue to take 10W, 10R, 10T, 0G from your Prosperity Area and stockpile them until

you have enough Runey to put another area into Prosperity (not Homestead) at 50W, 50R,

50T, 60G from your stockpile.

10. You now have 2 Prosperity Areas and you'll be taking 20W, 20R, 20W, 0G between the

both of them. Open your Grass Factory up again because you will now have enough Runey to

manage it without slowing your progress making new Prosperity Areas. For the best

results, your Grass Factory always be reset to 60W, 10R, 0T, 10G. I believe you will

gain between 15-20 G everyday this way. Every time you make a prosperity area you can

add it to steps 5-7 to decrease the time it takes to make a prosperity area. If you

stick with 2 Prosperity Areas it should take you 5 days in game to make another

Prosperity Area.

11. Repeat 5-7 until you have 8 Prosperity Areas (one of them including Homestead)

12. You can turn the last area into a Prosperity Area and as long as you have enough G,

you will not have to do anything with the Runey system until you need more G (The

depletion will be 16 G per day). Or you can leave one area as a Grass Factory (not

Homestead) and continue to produce G.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them or ask me on MSN (mine is listed in

my sig). Hope this helps. - Only those you trust can ever betray you.

User Info: bakagaijin78

8 years ago#4

Wow, that's all seems really complicated.

IMO, the easiest way to keep all areas in prosperity is to grow lots of grass and 2 rows of 3x3 seasonal crops on the homestead. Just suck all the extra runeys from the homestead everyday (not going below 35 of each type) and stockpile. It doesn't take much time out of your daily routine, and I really only focus on balancing runeysa fewdays out of the season this way.

It may take a couple seasons to get enough grass runeys to make all areas 60-60-60-60 (or at least 35-35-35-35), but its easy if you keep in mind that each area gains 1 of each runey from 1-7 day of the season, and also that there is a 20 random runey bonus on the 20th of the season. It shouldn't matter if your grass go below 45, because if you stockpile all types from your homestead you'll end up with tons of Water, Rock & Tree anyway so you can restock as necessary.

The only annoying season is Winter, in which case you can run a grass factory on Mist's farm. Put 60-10-0-10 on her farm and it should be about 55-0-0-20 the next day. Rinse & repeat.

User Info: FinestSakev2

8 years ago#5
There a really good thread on this somewhere.
I like the system where if you max grass runeys on your prosperity areas on the 7th and 19th you don't have to usually worry about those prosperity areas turning from yellow to green.
Then if you take water/rock.tree from those areas just see how many grass runeys you have before doing that and replace.

User Info: da_grey_nite

8 years ago#6
what I want to know, if I don't want to bother with the Runey's (because really... money is never really that big of an issue to need the crops to grow that much faster) can I just ignore them, and the 1-7 and 20th days will keep enough out there for me to not have to worry about them all dying and giving me a negative?
Never argue with an idiot, because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!

User Info: anamiable1

8 years ago#7
Posted 10/20/2009 8:05:46 PM
message detail There a really good thread on this somewhere.
I like the system where if you max grass runeys on your prosperity areas on the 7th and 19th you don't have to usually worry about those prosperity areas turning from yellow to green.

Is this what you are talking about? Quick runey management tips:

It is the method that I use, and it works great for me.

User Info: rynrako

8 years ago#8
*sigh*, this isn't complicated, it's just step by step and it's less work than it seems.
I use this method to manage the entire Runey ecosystem, and it took me 1 season or so to put 8 areas into prosperity and keep em there by doing this.

I'd say actually try reading the guide and see if it's hard or not by actually doing it. - Only those you trust can ever betray you.

User Info: anamiable1

8 years ago#9
Yes, it is simple, but a little time consuming in the beginning. I used a method like yours in the beginning of my game and now only do maintenance on the 7th and 19th of each month, other than gathering runeys from my homestead and my grass factory. I've never shut down my grass factory though. I like having a variety of rune stones for little crystal harvesting in the towers.

User Info: rynrako

8 years ago#10
The only reason I mentioned shutting down the Grass Factory then reopening it is for people who have little to no Runey (again the guide was written from the most extreme case) when they first started since some have actually decided Runey were way too complicated and let the areas die out. If you have only one Prosperity Area then you can't use it to maintain a Grass Factory and create another PA since a GF needs W and R to be balanced and you won't produce enough to support both processes. The soultion is to temporarily shut down the GF (since if you follow the guide you should have enough grass runey to last) make another PA, then reopen it and keep it open.

I could have explained that but it just would have made the guide longer and not changed what you have to actually do, just your understanding of it.

Now that I think about it, I mentioned doing this about 6 months ago in the "Runey Guide - How they work and how to get areas into prosperity v2" by Kiariy. I think I remember trying out various prosperity methods which is why it took me an entire season or so in the first place to reach 8 prosperity areas. It actually takes less time to do it if you start as soon as you get the harvester and use this method. - Only those you trust can ever betray you.
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