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User Info: Kuatura

7 years ago#1
Soooo...I've got a problem (big surprise :P).

Basically I happened to have a bunch of ingredients for making spears, so to boost my forge ability a bit and make some money I made them and put them in the shipping bin. Slight issue there...I accidentally mistook the fire staff for the spear and yes I only realized AFTER I saved.

I'm in late Autumn with over 30+ hours in this run and REALLY don't want to restart now. Will I get the ability to forge staves anytime soon? Because as far as I can tell they're really the only way to beat bosses without being over-leveled or carrying an atrocious amount of potions.

User Info: MisterRooster

7 years ago#2
Selphie should sell the book after beating the Green Ruins iirc

User Info: Shad_Katsu

7 years ago#3
MisterRooster speaks the truth.

User Info: Deadly_Guy

7 years ago#4
Yeah, and you can easily beat the green ruins boss without magic. Don't worry too much.
"I think my brain just blue-screened." -- Mydoom21

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