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User Info: kevin_jiriki

7 years ago#1
FAQ says it should take 9 days to grow with 8 prosperous areas. I have 7, so it should take 12 or 13 days to grow. I haven't really been counting, but I'm pretty sure I've leveled pumpkins from 1 to 5 and my Ironleaf is still not fully grown. Growing it on Whale island. Any ideas?

User Info: eSheron

7 years ago#2

I'm not sure exactly how many days it takes but I can tell you for sure it takes a heck of a lot longer than 9 days. I have all areas in prosperity and this is the second time I've played the game and if the faq says that, the faq is wrong.

User Info: Kantonoso

7 years ago#3
I forget the exact number. How long does Ironleaf take to grow? Like 80 days? With 8 prosperous Areas, that's -4 days per stage of the crop. I'm no expert on the 40+day flowers, but most crops seem to have 4 stages: Seed, sprout, premature, and mature (aka ready for harvest.) at -4 days per stage, that's -16 days (and a minimum of one day per stage, so 4 days, hence why turnips are very quicckly outclassed once you have prosperous areas)

So , -4 days for 4 stages = -16 days? So 80 - 16 = 64. Now, theoretically you could use Formula C every day to divide that by 3 (so roughly 22 days if you want to use forumla C every day)

Translation: Flowers take a LOOOOOONG time to grow.
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User Info: right side thief

right side thief
7 years ago#4
They may have meant that's how long it would take It you formula c it every day. Some people assume that as a given when dealing with long term flowers.
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User Info: Cyllya

7 years ago#5
Pretty sure Ironleaf is 40 days by default. If the rest of Kantonoso's info is right, eight areas in prosperity should bring it down to 24 days.

If you're looking at the Crop Price Guide, it says the shortest time is if you "have 8 area in prosperity, water daily and add the max level of formula daily." Nine days sounds about right. My guess is you're not using the formula, since you didn't mention it.
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