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User Info: MercerWolf

7 years ago#1
Would it be possible to update/fix the runey system in Rune Factory Frontier via a patch from the developer?

User Info: right side thief

right side thief
7 years ago#2
The runey system isn't broken, its just challenging. Though admittedly I hate the long animation and small coverage of the harvester. However, I don't see why they couldn't alter it via a download if they so desired. But, that is so unlikely as to not even be worth thinking about.
Your best bet is just learning how to work with the system. This may help:
is it solipsistic in here or is it just me?

User Info: MercerWolf

7 years ago#3
Thank you rightsidethief for the response and the link to the runey guide. I did not, however, post my question out of a lack of understanding of how runeys operate. I was just curious as to whether the developers could, if they so desired, have made a change to the runey system through a patch. I don't expect a patch to drop because any significant changes would have been made within a year of the game's release. As for whether the runey system is challenging or in need of a fix is a matter of opinion for each player. Thank you again for the response.

User Info: kevin_jiriki

7 years ago#4
If something needs a patch it's the lack of a magic crystal over level 3.

User Info: right side thief

right side thief
7 years ago#5
Sorry Mercer, it is such a frequent occurrence that I made an assumption as to the reason of your post. Would be nice to make it less of a chore, as I mentioned I would be happy if they just made the stupid harvester more friendly.
And, YES! to the poster above about the magic crystals. Very lame omission to the game.
is it solipsistic in here or is it just me?

User Info: absoldragon

7 years ago#6
I wish there was a way to disable it too.

I mean...I know how it works now, but.... It's one EXTRA thing I don't want to have to deal with. I'd rather spend that time exploring dungeons, hitting on local chicks, or just messing around. It's more of an annoyance than anything.
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User Info: jasam01

7 years ago#7
It takes 1 in game hour to deal with my entire feild.

It takes 3 to do my grass factory

I spend more time on the dman runeys then I do farming.

Unfortunatly, no theres no chance in hell of a patch, especaly with this being a wii game.

It was a very poorly implimented system.
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User Info: Pdaimaoh

7 years ago#8
You can use an ocarina cheat to disable it, and set every area to normal or even prosperity. That's what turned this game around for me. The Runey system isn't broken, it just sucks ass really badly.
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User Info: rynrako

7 years ago#9
Once you have everything set though it's not like you have to do it everyday and the first week of every season is perfect for dungeon crawling. Combine that with all your areas set at max Grass Runey and you get weeks of doing nothing to the Runey system.

Even when I have to manage the system to restock on Grass Runey, 3 hours out of the 20 that you get each day is a small price to pay. I have a feeling that even if they did increase the harvester to be able to absorb the entire area of runey, people would still complain because they'd have to maintain it.

The system itself is fine imo, just the harvester could have been improved to cut back on time.
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User Info: Shadowbird_RH

7 years ago#10
How do you get a grass factory to maintain itself for a whole week while producing enough grass runeys to repopulate every area?
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