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Need a little help (runeys are dead)

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User Info: Dragonswkap

7 years ago#1
I started playing this game a few days ago, and everything in the beggining was going great, It was about mid summer when I got the harvester (didn't know anything about the game) and I was overjoyed that I could get rid of all those blinking things in the game that I later learned were runeys. I basically killed them all because the game failed to explain that i need them alive or how to even make more. I have read many guides on the runeys but all seem to assume you have runeys to begin with.

I'm now in year 2 and my crops are taking FOREVER to grow i mean it's like half the season for turnips. I have maybe one green area in the entire map. My question is, at this point would it be easier to start a new game or is there some way I could salvage this by summer. I'm in spring 2 day 11. I dont' want to restart because I have level 70 cooking and alot of high level weapons and armor. I've tried to read all the guides but they are very confusing to me.

Thanks ahead of time!
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User Info: 64starchild

7 years ago#2
You can make it by summer if you have the money. fill your whole field with grass, for every 3X3 ready to be harvested one random runey will appear each day. since u do not have to water fully grown crops, u can sleep... collect runeys.... go through dungeons or whatever... and repeat until you can at least make every area green using the runey distribution map will help see that.
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User Info: MarthChan

7 years ago#3
Hmm. I'm not sure exactly how to revive the runeys, but I'll do my best to help.
Salvaging the runeys is going to take longer than one season, I assure you. I caught the runey system mid summer (First year) and was able to get it regulated by early winter.
First and foremost, remove any remaining runeys from every area except Homestead. Keep at least one of each there. When your crops manage to mature, don't harvest them. They will produce runeys at a very slow rate for you. In fact, plant lots of fodder and just leave it when it matures. Collect all runeys (Leave one of each there). This is going to take a really long time though. You need to make a "Grass Factory" as it is aptly named which requires 10 Grass Runeys and 60 Water Runeys. And to top it off, you need to put about 18 Water Runeys back in every day to keep it running, but you get 18 or so Grass Runeys out of it. In addition to a grass factory, you should get either Lake Poli and/or the Beach to start producing Runeys. Those areas are water based so you'll get more water Runeys. I'd like to say you should put 20 of each Runey into those areas to get them started, but ideally, you want 35 of each Runey in those areas. That will put them into "Prosperity". This will cause your crops to mature faster. Once those areas are in Prosperity, they will consume two Grass Runeys while all other Runey's increase. You can start harvesting Runeys from those areas once they are in prosperity. You need Water Runeys to keep your Grass Factory going. Start saving up with what runeys you pull out to put other areas into prosperity. Just concentrate on one area at a time.
It helps if you take a piece of notebook paper and make columns for each area plus your inventory. Write down what runeys are where and how many for each area and your inventory every time you check. This will help you plan that madness out.
Its going to take a long while though so I wish you lots of luck. Don't let the Runeys bite! D:
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User Info: Keltset

7 years ago#4
You'd be able to get things back to normal by Summer, but not to Prosperity.

Along with the above, there are also about 500 posts on this board with your exact same problem, some with people in worse situations than yours. Actually, I believe there is at least one other topic right there on the first page of topics about this.

And, on top of those 500 posts with your exact same problem, there are also about a dozen easily found guides on Runeys. Two of these guides are stickied on the forums. A few are in the FAQs section.

So, you know, feel free to look around some.

User Info: Vit_stick

7 years ago#5
Honestly, it shouldn't have taken you so long to get runeys restabilized. It's actually pretty easy, if you have about 50 grass, and 45 rock, tree and water, you can get it in about a season or a season in a half. Considering most people should have lots of runeys in the homestead, you can probably get those amounts right off the bat (the game starts with 15 runeys of each type in homestead, meaning you need 45 of each before it's maxed out, approximately 180 full vegetable growth, easily done with those reharvestables in summer, and yams in autumn, and fodder in all seasons considering there's 45 slots of 3x3 areas.)
Once you have 50 grass, and 45 of each of the others, put those amounts into the beach.
In the next few days (probably 3 or 4) harvest until you have 60 water runeys, and 10 rock and grass runeys, put those all into the road to the beach area.
Then harvest grass runeys until there is 10 every day (make sure to check the map in the back of the second floor of the clock tower to see how much you need)
Then refill road to the beach with about 5 water and 10 rock every day (do not just do 20 water, waste of runeys at the beginning). You then have a stable source of all runeys, and since you can gain grass at about 18 a day (since you give 2 to the beach)

If you put a bit of time into it, it should take about 6 days for 3 prosperous areas (if you include homestead in that , which should be the second one, about 9 days for 4 prosperous areas, then if you grow lots of plants on the homestead with about 10-15 plots being grass, it's even faster.) about 8 days for 2 more areas, about 10 days for 2 more areas, and about 8 final ones for the final area, and if you are doing homestead as the second area, it can reduce all of those by about a day at least, if you also grow about 10-15 grass plots. In total it shouldn't take more than 40 days, which provides about 5 days of leisure time even if you make homestead your last place to put into prosperity.

If you follow that step by step it can be really easy, I tried making it pretty basic but to show you what to do. Good luck getting those areas into prosperity (which after you do have the areas into prosperity, it takes less time to upkeep then if you just kept them at normal health, which is if it looks green on the map, even though it takes about 2 minutes a day, it still takes less than keeping them normal.)
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User Info: Dragonswkap

7 years ago#6
Thanks you for the help, I will try to grow just a field of grass and see how that goes. I'm not interested in prosperity at least not atm, getting not all grey is my want atm.
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User Info: MNSpectre

7 years ago#7
Will grass runeys not die if they're the only ones in an area?

Like, could he just put like 4 or 5 grass runeys in each area to at least not have any penalties?

User Info: Vit_stick

7 years ago#8
@MNSpectre, they will die anyway, even if they're the only ones.

@Dragonswkap, the fastest way to get them "healthy" is by putting some into prosperity. And if you don't put some in prosperity, you will need to refill you're places every single day to keep them above 4 runeys, which is much more time spent then just getting them to prosperity. Just follow my steps and you will not only have them healthy as fast as possible, you will get the bonus from prosperity too. Honestly make them prosperity anyway, because If you need gold, guess what, Prosperity helps a few 10folds, if you want to get FP up on villagers, more gold from help from prosperity helps (to buy ingredients to make the favorite items of villagers, monte blanc for Eunice for example, or herbs to make relax tea for melody, or chocolate cake for Lara, or simple things like garlic for Erik), If you need crops for crafting which is almost required, getting crops is made faster by prosperity, prosperity helps in almost each aspect of the game, seriously, GET IT!.
Current mass playing game : Rune Factory Frontier, this stuff is addictive !!
Of course, Diablo 2 Forever! :P
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