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User Info: Harvest_Moon_76

7 years ago#1
okay this is really getting on my nerves but i dont know how to upgrade my weapons or armor.which has given me troubel the whole game but i cant beat the winter runes without some better equipment.so if you know how to upgrade anything please tell me.

User Info: Keltset

7 years ago#2
Once you create a weapon, armor or accessory you can't upgrade it. When the item is forged/crafted, that level is set. The only way to make higher level weapons, armors or accessories is to use higher level materials to craft them.

For instance, if you wanted a level 10 Knit Cap, you would have to find or harvest (from a Wooly) two level 10 Wool, then turn them into Yarn.

If you mean your tools, like your sickle, axe or hammer, then there are recipes for the forge that call for the tool itself plus two scrap iron. The two scrap iron have to be the same or higher level than the tool being upgraded. Then when you go to forge it and the moving bar pops up, you have to hit the little green circles for a "perfect", which will upgrade the level of the tool one level.

If you need more information, please provide further details of what you explicitly want.

User Info: Pdaimaoh

7 years ago#3
Keep buying books from the library, you can tell what the book is going to get you. Forging a level 10 sword of one kind may make it a lot better than a level 1 sword of another, however a level 1 version of a powerful sword will be a lot better than a level 10 version of a sword too weak to compare.

You will also have to upgrade your forge at home because the better weapons require more ingredients.

for armor, elemental defense can be really nifty since those dungeon monsters and bosses are really specific in elemental attacks.
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User Info: AkaneJones

7 years ago#4
Some Weapons are easy to upgrade some are hard.

Tool Weapon is; It + 2 Scrap of it's current level or higher.
Weapon Weapons require the ingredients to be leveled.

For Flowers/Crops you need use Greenifer on the seeds before growing and they will level up one.
Then Repeat by making seed out of it till you get the level you want.
Items like Bamboo Shoots need to be harvested from your farm by a monster if the same level FP as you want the item.
Monster Drop Items you'll have to find a Monster/Box/Chest/Jug that leave that level or higher item.
Mining is better Hammer and Special Attack.

They need to be Forged or Crafted again. Higher level Weapon drop RP use, where as higher level Equipment have better stats.

User Info: Vit_stick

7 years ago#5
Okay, I think you mean you're actual equipment not equipment level am I right? if not, you can probably skip this post, it's pretty informational anyway though, so I would read it.

First you need a forge for lute, and preferable this could be the second or third forge (For the second and third you need to get Kross to build a bigger forge area this can be difficult to get the wood though.)
Next, get some gold from the bottom of lava ruins, you can take the portal, just use your hammer to smash the rocks on the left side near the stairs. (if you don't have the hammer just go to whale island, enter the cave, and get to the next part of the cave, then go right in the second area it's pretty easy, trust me).
Next, get some nice materials from the monsters in lava ruins just keep grinding on them, it isn't too hard.
Finally go to your crafting table (near your forge in should be on the south wall of the house, I say south cause its at the... (bottom?) of the screen.)
See what you can make, Dew pendants are easy to make, buy a water crystal from Ganesha, get a silver and then kill a duck or fluffy for a tear drop, and kill an ant for insect jaw to make a pendant. Gold rings are easy, just 2 gold and an insect hide (again can be an ant). If you can get a an aquamarine and silver, you can make an aqua branch pretty easy. And you can get a head thing pretty easy with some looking around.
These are only examples of some easy stuff you can do, you can a little out of your way to get some other good stuff if you want just find some things you want and look up on how to get the ingredients for them.
Also a very easy thing to make as a decent weapon is a Shine blade, use the Red core from the lava ruins boss along with a gold and a flame sabre you make (the ingredients for it is easy) and forge it (on the forge not table) to make your Shine blade. With this you can take down enemies fairly easy (well easier I guess) and you don't need to switch to a hammer to take out the ice things that stand in your way.
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