Exploring the towers

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User Info: HowardBrazee

5 years ago#1

Every day, after I do everything else, I go to the top of the towers in a vain hope that I can smash rocks and get a little cristal.   There isn't anything that would help me to build that doesn't require a little crystal.   I also get some experience fighting.   (I would like to use a little crystal to see how the last axe works - but mainly want to get one weapon at the best level.   I don't expect I will find enought little crystals to use any in my lab).


I also see some towers that have blocked entrances.   I tried to find the bottom of one of those blocked towers without success.   Are they towers that I need to get into?    I haven't seen where the whale boss is yet, so apparently am missing at least one tower.

User Info: Anwonu

5 years ago#2
I'll try not spoiling too much here.
Blocked towers will always be blocked. Unless you're talking about the one with bars. That one can be opened after exploring one of the towers and activate something.

About Little Crystals, it's probably easier opening those rune doors on the lowest floor of each tower. The chance of finding one is higher than looking for them in stones. At least, that's how it's been for me. You can always save before using the Runey Stones if you don't get too lucky.
Also, you get a Little Crystal after defeating the Whale boss (just the 1st time, though).
Nothing for now.

User Info: Keltset

5 years ago#3
Actually, the Little Crystals you get by using Rune Stones are probably going to be the best option. They aren't level 9 or 10, but you get them with a lot higher of a frequency. The Little Crystals (besides the Runey System) is one of those nuances of the game that I'm not entirely sure they thought out all the way.

I can't imagine there are many perfectionists like us Howard, most people probably get married then lose interest pretty fast.

User Info: HowardBrazee

5 years ago#4

I'll stop that game after I defeat the whale boss, at least if I have a kid.


I suppose I don't need prosperity anymore now that I'm rich.   So I could get more Rune Stones to spend.    I suppose I could spend a day climbing and resetting the game until I got a little crystal.    That seems lame though.


I'd like to see if the final axe is more spectacular than the current one chopping wood.   But I suppose I'm better off just upgrading to the best fighting axe (I found my current one worked well on the snow boss), and forgetting about improving my abilities using the lab and little crystals.

I think I have 3 things made with little crystals now, The Hammer, the Rainbow?? can, and something else I'm not thinking of.

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