Acion Replay Codes?

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User Info: Iceco

5 years ago#1
Yeah, I put Rune Factory Frontier into my Dolphin Emulator and all the Gecko Codes work fine except for "Control Time" when I tried to use it it came up with an error then "Stopped Responding" and closed itself. So if anyone can tell me one/many Action Replay codes for it or make me one Action Replay code for it, I would be very happy. this is what the code says:

Time must be toggled on before sleeping or game will freeze**Control time through button commands using the wiimote with nunchuk. Toggle time on and off, fast forward/rewind time between the hours of 6:00AM and 11:59PM of the current day.Toggle time on/off - B+dpad upFast Forward - B+dpad rightRewind - B+dpad left

P.S. it doesn't need to be exactly the same. just fast forward, rewind, stop, and start. thanks in advance

User Info: Keltset

5 years ago#2
I'm not familiar with Dolphin Emulator or the Action Replay Codes for RF:F, but if the codes that work in Gecko OS will work with the emulator then there's a few threads already started on this topic that are now archived. Try searching them out as most of them also contain links to other sites with additional codes.
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