Game won't start up correctly.

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User Info: Acrospino

8 years ago#1
I downloaded the game and let it install and patch, and that went fine, but when I launch the game, it comes up with this sort of bluish screen with this swirly blue thing and these black rectangles. The music from what I assume is supposed to be the login screen plays in the background.

Is this my video card? The minimum specs say you need an ATI Radeon 9600 or 9550, and mine is a 9250. Is that my problem?

User Info: faptastic

8 years ago#2
Yeah, RoM requires the graphics card to support pixel shaders 2.0 your card only supports up to 1.4.
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User Info: Acrospino

8 years ago#3
Just what I wanted to hear. *sigh* Thanks.

User Info: darkest786

8 years ago#4
just grab a cheap video card and play with the lowest settings.


User Info: fallenswords

8 years ago#5
im having a simaler error
i can make a char and get into the game once but as soon as i stoip p[laying and try 2 start on an old char it just shows the platform that ur char stands on

any advice im already on the lowest settings
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