Using a Xbox 360 controller to play crisis....

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User Info: blizzle

8 years ago#11
Right? Why do console gamers say they like to relax and can only sit back when using a controller? My computer chair is a recliner and I fully chill out and lay back using a mouse and keyboard with no issues. The comfort excuse to using a controller is a lame one, using a controller for a fps is even lamer.

User Info: DrezKill

8 years ago#12
While I don't exactly see why anyone would want to play an FPS game with a controller, I can tell you that the first Crysis has native support for the X360 controller, so I assume Warhead does as well. I always have an X360 controller connected to my PC, and every time I launch Crysis it displays a message saying "X360 controller found" or something like that. With the controller connected, the in-game prompts always tell me what buttons to press on the controller for an in-game action, even if I am not actually using the controller. So apparently having the controller connected overrides in-game key prompts.

Apparently all "Games for Windows" titles have native support for the X360 controller, if it makes sense (I've seen games like Company of Heroes NOT support the controller, but then again it's an RTS so that makes sense).

Anyways, yeah I'm pretty d*mn sure Warhead has native support for the X360 controller.

User Info: HellKnightX

8 years ago#13
It does work, but I find it awkward that melee is clicking in the right thumbstick and the B button uses binocs. I feel that they should be switched, but you can't manually change the controls. Also, zooming in the binocs requires you to still use the mousewheel because the function is unmapped on a 360 controller. It's still definitely worth giving it a try though because this game is fun to play with both mouse and keyboard, and a 360 controller.
Slow and steady may not always win the race, but at least you don't end up splattered on the walls.

User Info: edubrules

8 years ago#14

spireguy posted...
Well if I recall the N64 controller was perfect for shooters, and the Wii remote isn't bad either. Of course I am starting to like the mouse/keyboard a little more now.
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that's because most of the shooters had super auto aim (perfect dark, goldeneye etc etc)

User Info: lowe0

8 years ago#15
couly posted...
why would anyone want to play a shooter with a controller ?

I have some wicked carpal tunnel. After 8 hours of programming, using a mouse to game hurts. My arm started tingling up-and-down after a marathon session the day Doom 3 came out... after that, I try to avoid mouse-and-keyboard gaming where possible.

User Info: Abbitts

8 years ago#16
I'll play it with the 360 controller

I love using the mouse for playing FPS - I think it is the best thing. The problem for me is that I hate the keyboard when it comes to gaming.

I suffered through Half-Life with a mouse and keyboard and though I loved Half-Life I haven't and won't go back to using a keyboard for games. Case in point: I didn't play Half-Life 2 until Orange Box came out for the 360.

I won't be playing online so it doesn't matter that I am a lot faster and more accurate aiming with the mouse.... I am good enough with the controller for the single player experience.

Like someone else said, all the games branded "Games for WIndows" are supposed to support the 360 controller, but I can't see how a game like Sins of a Solar Empire (which belongs in the "Games for Windows" brand) could be controlled with it.

I know a lot of people love the mouse and I do too. And I understand that if you play a lot of games with the mouse, you might really hate aiming with the analog stick. But I don't understand anyone defending the keyboard

User Info: cramulus

8 years ago#17

I think its a totally different experience playing a FPS with a controller and a mouse. Crysis has too many buttons to be brought to the 360 controller porperly, I tried, just didnt feel right, esspecially controlling your nanosuit. I also didn't like (not sure if its true in warhead) how you couldnt customize the 360 controller buttons. But at the same time I play COD4 on the 360 and enjoy it more than the PC version.

User Info: acsguitar

8 years ago#18

Why not just use a wireless mouse and keyboard!?!?!

And yes it will work although HDMI from a computer never works right for me. I usually just use DVI-VGA adapters.

User Info: ZebraMan1923

8 years ago#19
I find that I cannot relax while playing an FPS on a console. I sit up, become more tense and into it. If I play laying down I become really bad. On a pc, I'm always into it.

I do love M+KB, but a controller is always nice at times.

User Info: jasonmvt

8 years ago#20
"Also, zooming in the binocs requires you to still use the mousewheel because the function is unmapped on a 360 controller."

It's mapped. You just use left trigger to zoom in, left bumper to zoom out once in the binocs or scope zoom. Not real intuitive, but it works fine once you get used to it.
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  3. Using a Xbox 360 controller to play crisis....

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