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User Info: Lishall

8 years ago#1
...So, where is it? I just beat the game and I didn't see either story from Angel's Present anywhere.

I saw on these boards somewhere that to get Cherie's story you beat the game and watch the credits, but I did and nothing happened. And I saw no indication of Ellie's Lost Mother story being anywhere.

Unless I'm missing something...

User Info: Turrale

8 years ago#2
Curious about this.

I'm not going to buy it, If NISA took the extra content out of the game or something.

User Info: Hours_Left

8 years ago#3
It wasn't removed. It has been referred to in interviews with NISA, in North American reviews and it's advertised on the official English site.
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User Info: Lishall

8 years ago#4
Well, then, where is it? :\ I didn't see any indication of it in the game.

User Info: Lishall

8 years ago#5
I've asked in several places and people have told me that, to get Cherie's story, I have to wait until the credits are over...

But I've done this. All that happens is: game goes to FIN screen, then saves clear data, then goes back to title screen. In Load is just my save file from before I fought the Ancient Weapon, nothing new. Choosing New just starts the game over.

User Info: Ryosagi

8 years ago#6
I wonder where people got their info about this. Might be a trigger or something. Can someone be more specific about this?
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User Info: bith_the_black

8 years ago#7
I'm guessing the info came from here
where it states the new scenario is unlocked once you beat the main story.
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User Info: Lishall

8 years ago#8
Read above. Nothing seems to happen after I complete the main story.

User Info: AngelPeach

8 years ago#9
Did a new option appear right under the load option? I remember in the import that a new option appeared. As you said, choosing new automatically restarts the game. But, if the English version is the same as the Japanese version, the new option should allow you to play as Cherie.

User Info: Lishall

8 years ago#10
Nope, there is no new option.

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