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User Info: Hours_Left

9 years ago#11
Hmmm, that's weird. You should email NISA about it or post a topic on their forum. I hope it's not glitched.
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User Info: Tio Automata

Tio Automata
9 years ago#12
I just beat the game as well, and there's no new option for me either.
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User Info: Tio Automata

Tio Automata
9 years ago#13
I just emailed NISA via the contact form on their website. Hopefully I get a decent response.
"I just can't find any good Tony Danza pics to get off to yet!" -Rvddude

User Info: Lishall

9 years ago#14
I posted on their forums, too. Let us know if you get some sort of answer.

User Info: Tragrox

9 years ago#15
Same issue here. I dunno...lame. :(

User Info: Dragen

9 years ago#16
So the game saves clear data but doesn't seem to use it? Odd. I suppose you might have to start a new game with that clear data on the cart and maybe at some point during the new game the additional content is accessable?
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User Info: Lishall

9 years ago#17
I guess I'll try that while waiting for answers from NISA. :P

User Info: RamzaHelp

9 years ago#18
This is disturbing news indeed.

I wrote that review, and had very much enjoyed the game. However, I was rushed to complete it, and in the time I had to review it, NISA hadn't even notified me of the bonus content before I had to mail back the rewrite cartridge.

If this is indeed a glitch, this is a serious error and NISA will have to make up for it. I am sending them an email about it now.

Patrick Gann

PS - Note that when I beat the game, my experience was the same as Lishall and many others. End credits roll, save "clear data," main menu, with no special options. Perhaps you had to do something special, but I doubt it if this wasn't the case for the impor version...?

User Info: Lishall

9 years ago#19
NISA's forums are extremely inactive, so I've gotten no reply as of yet... Hopefully someone else will get some sort of information soon.

User Info: Ryosagi

9 years ago#20
If anyone played the Japanese version, let us know how you unlocked the scenario specifically and any other extras. I think there were other extras, have you gotten them, Lishall?
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