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User Info: Suprak the Stud

Suprak the Stud
8 years ago#211
Well, this kind of disappoints me. I'm still picking it up next week, but I was really looking forward to extra stuff to play through.
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User Info: LancetJades

8 years ago#212
That email doesn't explain WHY they couldn't bring the extra chapters over. It just makes it seem like they don't want to admit they were too lazy and/or cheap to do so. It's not like there's some myriad of reasons they can't.
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User Info: levann

8 years ago#213
Yeah... without those extra chapters the game is painfully short...

User Info: Hours_Left

8 years ago#214
That new email/message is so weird. I have no idea why it would be "necessary" to remove content. So very strange. And how does cutting content equal a "full gaming experience"? That's a complete contradiction.

At least they have publicly posted this though, even if it makes little to no sense.

Please don't ever do this again NISA.
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User Info: Bleuco

8 years ago#215
As and said at their forum in the feedback thread:

Hours Left, I completely agree with all of your points earlier. Their "explanation" doesn't really explain much. They pulled a Sarah Palin on us.

What should really tell you something is that they never intended to bring the Rhapsody game to the States if it wasn't for the fan banter. Basically means whatever future the Marl games have is pretty much dead here in the U.S.

Now I understand what a poster at Siliconera meant when he said "bait and switch".
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User Info: slidecage2020

8 years ago#216
If you dont like it COMPLAIN to rosenqueen or NIS until they offer you a refund...

i finally got the email saying im getting a full refund

I just grab the game again when it falls to 10 soon enough

User Info: bith_the_black

8 years ago#217
I know I said I was ready to let this go, but mr.houktg put up a post regarding the Rhapsody DS e-mail campaign on the NIS forums that went as follows
"Well for the Rhapsody issue, we were also trying to get a sense of just how many people were concerned about the issue, and what their exact feelings/reactions were. Plus that issue was much more widespread across the Internet, so we were trying to consolidate everything into one place."

Okay I understand the consolidating everything into one place thing, but they wanted to see how many people were concerned and what our feelings were on the issue?! What does that mean? What'd they expect our reactions to be. Oh they cut a bunch of stuff out, oh well. I mean, come on.
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User Info: Bleuco

8 years ago#218
^I can't find his post. Which thread is it?
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User Info: philthethrill

8 years ago#219
It's in the Ar Tonelico 2 thread. Here it is. It's towards the bottom of the page.

User Info: Ryosagi

8 years ago#220
I don't like how they didn't post that on the Rhapsody board there. Ugh, why oh why, NISA?! I'm starting to think that they were hoping many people wouldn't notice the missing extra content.
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