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User Info: Hours_Left

8 years ago#41
I can forgive major glitches if the company is willing to fix them. I waited many years to play a new Marl Kingdom game (even if it's the same one I played before), I can wait a few more weeks/months.

There is also still the possibility that the content is not even glitched and just has a different trigger than the Japanese version. But I think that may just be wishful thinking on my part.

I just really want to know what's going on.
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User Info: who

8 years ago#42
I wish I was that optimistic... and it would have to be one well hidden trigger if no one here found it yet.
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User Info: Lishall

8 years ago#43
Yeah, the trigger would have to be basically invisible because I just finished replaying the game and I searched everywhere in the game's world for something different. Couldn't find anything about Ellie, and nothing happened after the credits again.

Even if it's a glitch, they're kind of ruining Marl Kingdom's chances in the western world, which is depressing.

User Info: Ryosagi

8 years ago#44
Perhaps its a save file issue? I wonder if one of them is faulty and messing others up? The other event must be a trigger thing not found yet or something. This is just puzzling me, that's for sure. Don't let us down, NISA!!
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User Info: icey_mat

8 years ago#45
Find all treasure chests?
Finish All Puppet Quests?
Collect both holystone/thunderstone/darkstone?

I don't know what could be the trigger
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User Info: Lioconvoy

8 years ago#46
Maybe you have to find all the bookshelves, I know one of them is harder to find. jk
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User Info: Lishall

8 years ago#47
If only.

That would be much easier.

User Info: Lishall

8 years ago#48
A word from NISA:

"Okay I've been looking into it, and this content SHOULD be in the game. To be totally honest though, I don't know/remember how to unlock it. I know you have to beat the game, but I'm not sure if there's something you have to do during playthrough. I'll keep looking into it, but we definitely translated the content and it should be there."

So let's keep hoping.

User Info: Tio Automata

Tio Automata
8 years ago#49
Yay, at least they replied to you. I haven't heard anything on my end yet.
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User Info: bith_the_black

8 years ago#50
Man, I haven't started playing this yet (trying to complete DQIV first), but if it ends up missing that content I'll be very sad. I wonder how NISA would make it up to all of us?
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