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User Info: Mr Crispy

Mr Crispy
9 years ago#51
Tagging until something definite comes up.
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User Info: Hours_Left

9 years ago#52
It's good to know for sure the content is supposed to be there. The most likely scenario if it's glitched is a recall. I don't know if anyone is familiar with the SNK Card Fighter's Clash DS situation but it will probably be similar to that.
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User Info: Bkurisenshi

9 years ago#53
^Yep, it happened with the 1st shipments of SNK Capcom Card Fighters DS like Gunloc said.

All of the 1st batch had hardware issues that froze the game at a point, so they did a recall & sent replacement carts to everyone who sent theirs in. In truth it was a bit of a hassle but they DID replace the carts & I got a pack of trading cards as an extra "we're sorry" from them, which was nice.

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User Info: ITryToBeNice

9 years ago#54
Man, I don't know what to do. My copy also has the game freezing glitch that makes it unable to progress after the competition in front of the prince. Right now I just want to return the game and get my money back, even though I like this game a lot. But then maybe I should just hold on to it, in the hopes that NISofA will replace our games with a new printing?

User Info: Hours_Left

9 years ago#55
I would get a replacement right now anyway. It's still possible that the extra content is not glitched and just really well hidden.

But you should still email NISA about the freezing glitch. They need to know of that problem too.
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User Info: Ryosagi

9 years ago#56
Thank goodness its in the game! Now I'm certain it might be a bug. NISA doesn't usually change content in a game if I remember correctly. Mainly translating and publishing, so things should be identical to the Japanese version in the means of gameplay.
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User Info: KirbyHamtaro

9 years ago#57
i had the same problem with the extra features, but i think i found 1 little problem. if the game was cleared and cleared save data was saved, there should've been a "clear" marked on the save data, but there was no "clear" marked on the save data for some reason.

now about the freezing glitch that you guys mentioned, there's 1 reason why. your DS might be either damaged or low on battery. i had that problem as well, but recharge my DS and start over from where i saved my data at.

User Info: ILoveNastya

9 years ago#58
NISA says "the content should be there", investigates the problem:
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User Info: Lishall

9 years ago#59
^ Yeah, I already posted about that. :x Still waiting on an answer.

User Info: icey_mat

9 years ago#60
I was wondering... if people could hack the game to have English Songs (don't ask), could they also hack the game to have the contents unlocked?
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