Let's discuss the rumored Apple change in aspect ratios.

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User Info: Lord_Cohliani

5 years ago#1
Do you think Apple should make the speculated change to a 16:9 format?
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User Info: Chargrilled

5 years ago#2
Itll fubar all apps

And i certainly dont want side borders on all my games
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User Info: IvanKozlov

5 years ago#3
Wouldn't care, and congrats for finally not making a topic/post that isn't trolling. (yet)
You see, I am simply one hell of a butler.

User Info: Keyeszx

5 years ago#4
I kind of want to say yes since a lot of videos I have, I record a lot of crap and it's always has borders. Same with youtube videos and stuff. But they would have to give devs a lot of time to make the change before doing that.
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User Info: wolf_blitzer85

5 years ago#5
I don't think 16:9 is a problem at all. And what about HULU?
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User Info: iHereafter

5 years ago#6
I really like the rumored split screen concept. The screen is longer, with all
Apps running the same, the additional screen space is used for a second widget.
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User Info: Nintendological

5 years ago#7
True wide screen would be nice for watching films bought from iTunes. Otherwise, I don't mind the current aspect ratio.
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  3. Let's discuss the rumored Apple change in aspect ratios.

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