Just finished dead space ios: Final thoughts

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User Info: MaestroSSX

5 years ago#1
Is that f***ing it? The controls were fine, but damn, the story was absolutely goddamn horrible. Then again, I have never played a dead space game, I just thought that it would be something fun to waste money on. I got the infinite rifle thing without paying a red cent of my money for iaps, and after that, it got laughably easy, and the final boss was easier than... the majority of the game.

Last EA rpg/fps EVER
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User Info: Smokey_Bera

5 years ago#2
You cheated and dislike the game because you cheated.

Not sure if serious.
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User Info: MaestroSSX

5 years ago#3
how did I cheat... I earned the credits for the rifle, not cheated...

I wish I cheated, It would have got to the point faster.

User Info: helldew

5 years ago#4
just because cheats are fluffed up a bit more in newer games doesnt change the fact they are cheats
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User Info: CT_Model

5 years ago#5
The infinite rifle is a cheat and you are kidding yourself if you say other wise. It's like playing through a Resident Evil game with an infinite rocket launcher and complaining its too easy. Dead Space is one of the better iOS games out there.
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User Info: jam24

5 years ago#6
i thought it was alright, I liked some of the scare factors. This game out at the beginning of 2011, big budget games on the IOS have come quite a way since then.

But still it was fun while it lasted, though I have to say the core game play wasn't too fun for me, I don't think the IOS is the right place for tank controls.
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User Info: _Just_Blaze_

5 years ago#8

you cheated

no denying that
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