Where can i put a iphone on layaway?

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User Info: plasma_kirby123

5 years ago#1
Careful now, that sounds an awful lot like common sense.- ukmarts
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User Info: HuskerFan2002

5 years ago#4
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User Info: SymphonicRain

5 years ago#5
HAHAHA, oh man.
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User Info: member1982

5 years ago#6
I dont think there is a point to Layaway you can get a contract with any of the carriers is like paying for the phone month by month anyway. But better than Layaway in that you get the phone immediately.
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User Info: Zeusthagod

5 years ago#7
Cheapest option is a $99 iPhone 4 with Sprint. If you can't afford that then you may need to look into other phones.
A wise man told me "don't argue with fools"
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  3. Where can i put a iphone on layaway?

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