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User Info: halrpger

8 years ago#1
This topic has been beat to death with no real solution. Star Ocean freezes all the time for me at various location (I'm still on the first map after the crash). I can't even get past this first area. I've tried everything suggested. It's not 720P vs 1080P, it's not the age of the system and clearing the cache does nothing to help, nor does playing from the disk or HD.
Yesterday it crashed during the second battle (only been playing 2 minutes). Re-started and it did it again when a battle started. I then gave up and played Fable 2 for 5 hours with no problems. I have played thru many long games- Oblivion, Lost Oddesey, Mass Effect, GTA4 without it ever freezing. There were times I've recently played over 8 hours straight with no issues on other games. It is NOT the system. This is the only game that freezes on my system.
It is definitely a software issue. It acts like a memory leak. They need to get a patch for this soon.

User Info: Neh_Nekojin

8 years ago#2
I've played this game for 35 hours without a single crash or freeze. It's definitely a system issue for you, I'm sorry to say.
A man is a man, for all that.
Character, not status, is the true measurement of a person.

User Info: kaltuzak

8 years ago#3
Nah... it's the game, I've heard a lot... my system is bright new and my friend's one is older, both freezes. We just restart and played again and it's all fine. I must confess It happened to me(new system jasper) only once on 25 hours.

User Info: RPGCrazied

8 years ago#4
well im another person that has played it for 42hours(beat the game) with no freezing issues.

Are all the freezing guys on launch units or something?
Gamertag: RPGCrazied

User Info: Neh_Nekojin

8 years ago#5
I've heard it a lot too, but that doesn't mean it's not a system issue. Everyone knows the 360 is hardly a sturdy piece of hardware, and long hours spent on RPGs definitely can't be good for it.
A man is a man, for all that.
Character, not status, is the true measurement of a person.

User Info: omgidfk

8 years ago#6
I have 85hours and no freezes. Sometimes 30hours at once. So... Idk=\. Maybe see if you can return the game and try to get a new one?
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User Info: Yaxus

8 years ago#7
Disk Reading Errors are probably because of the staked disks, which are easy to scratch. Maybe it's because of it.
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User Info: Neh_Nekojin

8 years ago#8
I dunno, when I opened my case the first and second disc were loose in the package. They didn't seem to be scratched, but surely people who had them all on the spindle can't be worse off.
A man is a man, for all that.
Character, not status, is the true measurement of a person.

User Info: marshalbanana

8 years ago#9
I played through the game once, about 39 hours.

I've had two crashes, both occurred during the victory screen. Played from the HD the entire time. I bought my Xbox new right after the price drop.

User Info: AAChaoshand

8 years ago#10
Software issue, my xbox is only a year old with the HDMI port. Nothing to do with the xbox as I have tried the same disco n my buddies xbox just for giggles and it did the same thing after about 30 minutes. Again, has nothing to do with the xbox. I'm guess the memory leak as well but then again that makes little sense seeing how it can happen 5 minutes in or 5 hours in. I sent an email to square but I doubt that's any use, who knows we will see.
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