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User Info: zzcurious

8 years ago#1
If anyone wants to list the skills and symbology that they have acquired so far to help out others, it'd be appreciated.

User Info: Miskay

8 years ago#2

Healing: Unlocked at Alanaire Citadel
Silence: Level 17
Cure Condition: Level 30
Symbolic Weapon: Level 46
Radiant Lancer: Level 57
Aurora Rings: Level 70
Faerie Star: Skill Manual

Special Arts
Rising Blade: Level 1
Stampede Slash: Level 10
Aura Spark: Level 23
Mystic Cross: Level 39
Cyclone Blade: Level 54
Celestial Sword: Level 63
Raging Strike: Level 80
Scintillant Stream: Skill Manual


Special Arts
Sonic Thorn: Level 1
Seraphic Thunder: Level 14
Crimson Squall: Level 28
Chaotic Blossoms: Level 35
Hunter's Moon: Level 46
Crescent Wings: Level 59
Heavenly Flight: Level 71
Savage Sparrows: Skill Manual


Earth Glaive: Level 1
Antidote: Level 6
Ice Needles: Level 12
Stone Rain: Level 21
Shadow Needles: Level 27
Enlighten: Level 34
Deep Freeze: Level 41
Vampiric Blade: Level 48
Terra Hammer: Level 55
Dark Devourer: Level 61
Reaping Spark: Level 66
Extinction: Level 73
Divine Wave: Skill Manual


Fire Bolt: Level 1
Healing: Level 6
Wind Blade: Level 13
Faerie Healing: Level 21
Silence: Level 25
Lightning Blast: Level 28
Void: Level 36
Explosion: Level 47
Reflection: Level 51
Tornado: Level 56
Thunder Flare: Level 65
Volcanic Burst: Level 71
Faerie Star: Skill Manual

Special Arts
Hatchet Reel: Level 1
Scorching Star: Level 18
Hound Grenade: Level 32
Spiral Fang: Level 41
Trinity Blaze: Skill Manual


Special Arts
Force Breaker: Level 1
Galvanic Shock: Level 16
Irradiation: Level 30
Termination: Level 38
Black Hole Sphere: Level 51
Blessed Buster: Level 61
Justice Savior: Level 73
Godslayer: Skill Manual


Special Arts
Ripper Pounce: Level 1
Comet Impact: Level 11
Acrobatic Vault: Level 26
Claws of Fury: Level 38
Somersault Slash: Level 49
Drill Spike: Level 61
X Claw: Level 71
Max Shockwave: Skill Manual


Healing: Level 1
Ice Needles: Level 1
Lightning Blast: Level 1
Deep Freeze: Level 12
Void: Level 17
Thunder Flare: Level 23
Shadow Needles: Level 35
Enlighten: Level 41
Faerie Healing: Level 47
Reflection: Level 52
Dark Devourer: Level 56
Restoration: Level 61
Arctic Impact: Level 67
Extinction: Level 73
Divine Wave: Skill Manual
Plasma Cyclone: Skill Manual
Faerie Star: Skill Manual


Healing: Level 1
Cure Condition: Level 1
Wind Blade: Level 1
Lightning Blast: Level 12
Radiant Lancer: Level 25
Faerie Healing: Level 32
Enshelter: Level 35
Restoration: Level 37
Enhance: Level 40
Blast Hurricane: Level 45
Ex Healing: Level 46
Sacred Pain: Level 48
Faerie Light: Level 51
Aurora Rings: Level 54
Angel Feather: Level 59
Thunder Flare: Level 64
Resurrection: Level 69
Tornado: Level 74
Sunflare: Skill Manual
Faerie Star: Skill Manual


Earth Glaive: Level 1
Fire Bolt: Level 22
Stone Rain: Level 37
Explosion: Level 58
Terra Hammer: Level 65

Special Arts
Unholy Maelstrom: Level 1
Nether Strike: Level 11
Diabolic Edge: Level 29
Bloodstorm Revolution: Level 48
Aerial Gallows: Level 70
Dragon Roar: Skill Manual
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User Info: Alone_I_Die

8 years ago#3
I just acquired Kamehameha for Bacchus.

User Info: zzcurious

8 years ago#4
thanks a bunch.

User Info: ShinononoHouki

8 years ago#5
Anyone knows how to get all the skill manuals? One of the topics had a few only.
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