the best wrist accessory?????

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8 years ago#1
can someone explain to me a more simple way of doing this???
Here is the best wrist accessory. Better than what most people use...

First off you need 8 Tri-emblems (buy in the WD) and 1 Tri-Emblum (drop from scumbags), also you need 1 Duel armor(buy on En II) and 1 Darkness charm (find in a chest). Lastly, you need at least 1 Alchemist's Robes and the Duplicate skill.

Okay. Now first we are going to create Elemental 20 armor. This means it has 20 defence to all elemental type magic. This is with the duel armor and darkness charm. So, dupe the Darkness Charm (DC) 5 times. Synth those on to the duel armor(DA) until you get +2 for all types. You may need to synth a few DCs together before putting them on the DA because of the limited synth slots on the DA. Once you have +2 for all types on you DA, dupe it. Now synth those on to your alchemist robes (AR). You should have an AR with +2 all types.

Dupe that twice. Syth both the dupes on to the original AR to get +4. Dupe that once and add it to the original for +6. Dupe and add for +9. Dupe and add for +13. Dupe twice and add both to original for +20.

Now dupe that +20 four times. Next synth each of those 4 onto a Tri-Emblem. IMPORTANT: Tri-Emblem is the base, the +20 clone gets added to it. This makes 4 Tri-Emblems with +10 elemental defence. Finally synth those four Tri-Emblems plus 4 normal Tri-Emblems onto your Tri-Emblum.

What you will now have is an Ultimate Tri-Emblum with 1600 ATK 1600 INT and 800 DEF/HIT/GRD that also has +20 elemental defence. Dupe that for 1 clay each for each of your characters.

Now why all the trouble for the +20? Simple. +20 makes you IMMUNE to all elemental magic. It will all do 0 damage to you now. On top of that it can't stagger you anymore. This means you can stand in the middle of a Terra Hammer or Explosion and just keep attacking without stopping. PLUS, physical attacks from enemies that are elemental added won't hurt either. For example Imperfect Armaros will attack you by jamming his tentacles into the ground and hitting you from beneath. But it is water element so 0 damage! Same goes for the little spikes that the bloodtails send out. NICE!
i got this from:
gamertag: AVRYQUICK


8 years ago#2
gamertag: AVRYQUICK

User Info: wes_man_85

8 years ago#3
dang.... bump

User Info: lostsoul1312

8 years ago#4
thats about as simple as it gets... much easier then the +20 resist armor thats for sure
"I'm gonna die anyway. I won't have to be afraid anymore. But I'm not gonna die alone." -Kuja Final Fantasy 9

User Info: Sirian_Hawk

8 years ago#5
Oy! I didn't give you permission to quote me! I demand that post be removed!

Seriously though, why is this hard? Buy a duel armor. It has +2 to all but -8 to dark. Dupe 5 darkness charms. They have +4 dark but only carry half when synthing. Synth them together and add them to the duel armor. That is 5x +2 or +10. That added to the -8 makes it +2 to all elements. Dupe it once and synth both (one at a time) to an alchemist's robe. First will make the AR +1 to all the second will make it +2 to all.

Now dupe that and add it to the first. Now it is +3. Continue with the details of my original until +20. Remember that it only carries half, you need four +20 armors to add to the Tri-Emblems to make four +10 Tri-Emblems. And when those get synthed to the Tri-Emblum it will be four +5s or a total of +20.

User Info: XForce23

8 years ago#6
This is a pretty good idea, as it improves on the idea of putting the +20 to all elements on your armors. But at most it frees up 3 synth slots on your armors (instead of the regular method of synthing the +20 to all resist), and the stat boost you could potentially gain from synthing in 3 tri-emblems into armors isn't too too much but it's still an improvement.

User Info: Xythar

8 years ago#7
Um, you can get +20 to everything on your armour and still synth tri-emblems in every slot. Just make the max elemental resist tri-emblems as per this very guide but synth to your armour instead of to a tri-emblum. Well, you can synth to a tri-emblum as well, but I think if you have max elemental resist on your accessory but negative resist on your armour (like most of the ultimates do for dark) then the net result is that you will still take some damage from dark or whatever,

User Info: Sirian_Hawk

8 years ago#8
That all depends. If you prefer to have the ultimate armors for people before you use tri-emblems on them then you are going to have to wait for elemental res on most of your people whereas with an accessory, you finish everyone at the same time.

Also, what armors are you talking about? So far I have Universal Armors for Edge and Faize, Absolute Protectors for Reimi and Meracle, Laser Suits for the mages, and Plate of the Lost Monarch for Bacchus. These are the best armors that I know of for each and none have any negative resistances on them.

User Info: Blaeu

8 years ago#9
The key thing about this is that everyone can use the accessory and it only takes one clay to duplicate.

User Info: MJEmirzian

8 years ago#10
By the time you have uber gear, no boss with elemental type attacks is anything but a joke anyway..
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