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User Info: OmnislashFF7AC

8 years ago#1
who do i need to be able to invent this?
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User Info: OmnislashFF7AC

8 years ago#2
-Otherworldy Cuisine
Items needed: Insect Leg x2, Insect Egg x4, Rotten Fish, Vinegar x2 (S.Lv 2)
Group needed: Edge, Reimi, and Meracle

it says that in one of the faqs and i put them together but i cant seem to create it
Black PSP 5.00 M33

User Info: fcnd

8 years ago#3
Try with Faize and Reimi. That was how I got my recipe. Might have more luck if Reimi was the first person in the group.
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User Info: menalaos1971

8 years ago#4
And how high is Reimi's Cooking skill? You should boost everyone's invention skill to 10 as soon as you can in this game.
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User Info: OmnislashFF7AC

8 years ago#5
i got it lol i already had created it from long time rofl
Black PSP 5.00 M33

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