Ambush Battle trophys

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User Info: 77svil

4 years ago#1
I am a little confused on how having 3 different saves is going to help me have all the trophys from what I read from a faq

"You know those "Survive x amount of ambushes in one battle" Battle Trophies
that Edge has? The upcoming battle will give you a good chance to get these.
Make sure Edge is in the party, but is not the controlled character. You can
change this in the Tactics section of the Main Menu. There will be a total of
six ambushes, but you can only get one trophy per battle.

After the first ambush message comes up, start controlling Edge and use him for
the rest of the battle. Save your game in a DIFFERENT SAVE SLOT to record the
Battle Trophy. Reload your save before the fight and start controlling Edge
after the second ambush message. Repeat this process until you have the Battle
Trophies for six-three ambushes."

I already have the 3 ambushes, I just need the 4,5,6. I get how to do them but how does having a 4 ambushes on 1 save another on 5 and another on 6. Is the battle trophy on all 3 saves linked?

User Info: DXMG

4 years ago#2
BTs are saved to the System File, which isn't tied to any game save. You can demonstrate this by loading up any previous save, and notice that you still have all the BTs you have gained from subsequent hours of playing.

So if you get the 4 ambush BT, then save in a different slot, then reload your save from before the 6-ambush battle, your 4 ambush BT will still be there so you will get the 5, and so on.

Also, you only need 2 saves - the main one you are using, and the one you use to save BTs/collection data to the system file. Lets say your main game save is save A, and the other one is B. You would get the 4 ambush BT, then save in slot B. Then load slot A, get the 5 ambush BT, then save in B, then load A, and so on.
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