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User Info: commanderadama

4 years ago#1
in an effort to keep my underpaid-broke azz occupied, im going to attempt to undertake the 100% welch challenge. this will be my 5th playthru so im familiar with the game.

im also aware of the potential gruesome agony of setting out to complete this task, and missing something, which in turn will ultimately sabotage my efforts.

so... to anyone who has been thru this ordeal already, my understanding is this:

2 missable recipe memos (aeos)
and 4 rapiers from faize

are all i will need to acquire, then i can complete the 321 at my leisure.
is this 100% accurate?

any advice/suggestions/reassurance is welcome !

User Info: commanderadama

4 years ago#2
and since people reading this post at this point in time are true fans, i'd like to add that my other favorite RPG on xbox is easily The Last Remnant.

followed by Enchanted Arms.. LOL terrible as it is. its a damn good system.

sadley the story in all 3 games are HORRIBLE!

User Info: Roratastic

4 years ago#3
I think there were three missable memos? I'm not 100% sure on this, however... I'll see if I can find out.
And yes, there are 4 Saber recipes you get from Faize.

Other than the few missable recipes, everything else can be gotten pretty much whenever. There are about a billion Symbol Cards, you'll probably want to save those until you have the Vending Machine that sells the ingredients, just for the sake of convenience.

I actually haven't done 100% item creation myself, but I did type up a checklist for whenever I attempt it. Since there is no real way to know if you have created something or not if you happen to get the item elsewhere, I plan to just check them off once I make them and save. There's a LOT to keep track of. >_> I could actually send you that list if you'd like it.

And I counted up how many Gabriel Celeste/Ethereal Queen Feathers you need to make everything at least once, and you have to fight both of them a minimum of 5 times.
Since I plan to try for this on my next playthrough, which will be on Universe difficulty, I'm not really looking forward to those fights... I really don't want to fight 6-wing EQ three times. ;~;

Concerning other Xbox 360 RPGs, I really enjoyed Enchanted Arms as well. c: Enchanted Arms fan high-five, woo! I was iffy about the battle system at first, but it's actually really fun. The story is kind of silly, but in a fun way.

I have The Last Remnant, but I haven't really played more than an hour or two of it. I still have no clue how battles work there...

Tales of Vesperia is AMAZING though! If you haven't played it, you should. Story, characters, everything about it is fantastic. Too bad we never got the "complete" PS3 version though. :/
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User Info: gildedtalon

4 years ago#4
You need to finish lots of quests to get all the recipe memos. Use QueenAdreena's FAQ, I never miss anything with it

User Info: commanderadama

4 years ago#5
hey thank you both for the pointers in the right direction

im aware of the questing
and only 2 memos appear to be missable
ive been proceeding with caution!

its funny when you see people attempting to collect all achievements in one playthru
in reality, your first couple plays should be only private action endings, ship data and difficulty levels. (oh and stupid bunny racing!) not to even bother with any postgame!

the questing and creation and chests go hand in hand. if i knew that from the beginning, i mighta played one or two less playthru's

not to mention i lost my old XBOX account with 2 additional plays. lol

User Info: Roratastic

4 years ago#6
Actually, I've only done one playthrough of the game so far. I've spent a LOT of time in post-game, mostly grinding battle trophies. Whenever I do get around to playing through again, I'll work on getting stuff I missed the first time through. I never use a guide for a first playthrough.
Post-game in this game is easily doable on your first playthrough, though. I never even really used Item Creation until then, but that's when you start needing it.
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User Info: commanderadama

4 years ago#7
just one playthru ? @ roar??
you sound very experienced for a 1 playthru person.

im going for monster data/creation achievos this time

figure the 200 hours itll take will get me thru a couple months with litte expense! lol

i did the same thing with GoW 1
played that for years..good thing too. it was the first and only gow i enjoyed

User Info: Roratastic

4 years ago#8
You can just call me Rora.

Heh, thanks. And yes, I've only done one playthrough of this game so far. Since beating it, I've looked up a LOT of things, and I've spent a ton of time in the post-game. All I have left to do in the post-game is beat the EQ, and it's only a matter of bothering to get to the fight at this point.

I haven't actively played this game in quite a while, but I come back and play a little now and again to work on getting Battle Trophies, like I mentioned. Whenever I don't have anything better to do, really. I just recently got the 90% Battle Trophies achievement, actually. c:

My next playthrough will be on the difficulty above Galaxy (Universe?), I know that much. I'll also be going for 100% Shop Requests/Chests. After I get around to beating the Ethereal Queen, I'll have 100% Monster data, and I can GET 100% Weapon data...

SO4 is an amazing time sink, that's for sure. :9
Currently Playing: Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland
Eagerly awaiting Tales of Xillia! <3

User Info: commanderadama

4 years ago#9
hey rora!

im bout to start item creating becuase im approaching max 20 of some items and need it for memo related quests like music box and comb..

im gonna copy the list from my guide and check them off that way.
if you want, ill extend the same offer to you and scan them in for you.

i was thikning just the other night, how out of any guide, ive used star ocean 4 the most.
def worth the money. even some pages are falling out.

i cant beliive the replayability of this game. like ive written, this has to be my 6th or more playthru. its too early to plan for it yet, but if IC hasnt made me ill by the end, i may do anotehr for battle trophies.. im on par for 50% as it stands now.

anywyas, i just love chatting about this game. wish there was more traffic

User Info: jelash

4 years ago#10
Got the World's Biggest Welch Fan achievement yesterday!
Now, for ''all weapon data'' achievement I still need one weapon which randomly appear on 14th or 15th floor of WD. Every time I go there, I check every single box on those 2 floors - and zero results.
''I don't pretend to understand Brannigan's Law. I enforce it.'' (Zapp Brannigan; Futurama)

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