Anyone disagree with Edge? (end game spoilers)

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  3. Anyone disagree with Edge? (end game spoilers)

User Info: violentdissmay

4 years ago#1
He states that an advanced civilization should no interfere with an unadvanced society because it would cause an un natural evolution.
Am I the only one who thinks thats BS? Look at real life humanity, have we evolved in the past 100 years? No, we became more technologically advanced and have more knowledge of technology, medicine, etc.
If anything it should be ok to advance a civilization as long as they can pass a prerequisite that they have the capability to learn and understand the advance knowledge.
Edge witnessed it first hand on the parallel Earth, it wasnt like the entire planet collapsed because of Edges technology,one person tried to use it without any knowledge on how to use it, without and training whatsoever, thats what destoyed everything.
Surely I'm not alone in thinking this?
Up with this I will not put! - Bernard Black

User Info: jelash

4 years ago#2
Let's say that aliens exist. There are intelligent life forms on other planets. The DO appear on Earth... today, tomorrow, 2 years from now... and they offer us ''a hand of friendship'', saying that we should live and work together. Also, they're just a teensy bit more advanced than us.

What would Earthlings to? What would we do? I'm betting on my X360 collection that we would greet them with nukes.
(screaming like a little b*****s in the process)
''I don't pretend to understand Brannigan's Law. I enforce it.'' (Zapp Brannigan; Futurama)

User Info: ClaudeLv250

4 years ago#3
Ronixis does!
Once you go Claude, everything else is a Fraud.

User Info: DXMG

4 years ago#4
Lets take the word "evolution" out of it, because this game uses the word in a completely incorrect way. (except in the case of the Grigori, who caused actual evolution to proceed at a greatly increased pace in the Cardianon)

What Edge is on about at the end is not about "evolution" per se, and it isn't about technology, or any other specific aspect of interaction with alien cultures that aren't as advanced.

It is the broader idea that interaction with planets that aren't capable of FTL/Space travel will cause them to "evolve", or develop, or advance, in a way that they would otherwise not have done, and they would have little to no choice in this.

I tend to agree with him.

User Info: Ignominal

4 years ago#5
I know Edge's spiel is the impetus behind the creation of the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact and thus leads into the other games in the series, in which the UP3 plays a pivotal role. However, I think Edge's idea of the similarity between the literal evolution caused by the Grigori and the "evolution" caused by interaction between an underdeveloped planet and a modernized planet is a bit of a stretch. However, to distance from blaming Tri-Ace and to stick to the In-game developers as the reason behind all that occurs within the Eternal Sphere, perhaps Edge was a player-controlled character, maybe even one of the game developers, who initiated the UP3 as a way for players of the Eternal Sphere to be able to play non-modern characters. Although as I understand from SO3, players could utilize the Time Gate, which is basically the nexus through which player characters enter the Eternal Sphere, to travel to different time periods within the Eternal Sphere, thus even being able to play as a non-modern character on Earth, or any other planet with warp-drive capabilities in the present.
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  3. Anyone disagree with Edge? (end game spoilers)

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