Bacchus is amazing!

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User Info: misakitetsuya

4 years ago#1
Everyone's like OMG Reimi > Bacchus and I used to think the same until just now, when Bacchus was the lowest level of my party, so I used him.

HE IS AMAZING. Terribly underrated. Although he's not very MP-cost friendly, but DAMN

Jump into battle, and Black Hole Sphere > Force Breaker > Irradiation > Termination
and anything remaining dies quick.

Heck, with Black Hole Sphere alone the mages can just throw their hard-hitting AOE attacks like Explosion and Dark Devourer and nothing comes out alive.

I get that Reimi has her Berserk + Focus + Critical Hit thing but she doesn't end the match nearly as fast even if she kills her targets faster (unless they're in a straight line or something)
Blast away!!

User Info: commanderadama

4 years ago#2
i have to agree, bacchus IS amazing

but everytime i see a post about his value, its always based on his battle skills.
his true value is in his regular attack

you hold B, and slide around rapid firing at everything (controls can be annoying)
but anyways, synth some effects like silence, pumpkin, (seems to already have stun)
juice up his attack and BAM! ultimate killing machine and enemies cant barely touch him!

kinda hard on the fingers tho..

ultimately tho, i choose reimi over bacchus.
juice up her attack, criticals and berserk and you tear thru everything on the screen with little effort and finger-abuse.

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