Crafting & enchanting?

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User Info: devest

8 years ago#1
Are the crafting / enchanting skills worth it? I never played Mask, but it didn't seem to be worth spending points on in NWN 2

User Info: Zaishi

8 years ago#2
In this expansion, yes definitely. Maybe not the crafting, but picking up the magical weapons and armor feat on one of your cohorts is a must IMO. You don't need essences, gems or spells any more to enchant things, just money and that feat. It's only like 4000gp to add 1d6 elemental damage to a weapon.

I've not even found that many actual crafting recipes (lots of wonderous items, but hardly any armor or weapon patterns), but I don't think they are worth making. You might want the skills anyway though since you can use them to find items or add new options to dialog. Like I find a lot of bushes on the overland map with my craft alchemy skill (IIRC) and they give a handful of potions every time. I've never actually made a potion or grenade or anything in the craft areas though.

User Info: Mr_NoNick

8 years ago#3
Is it absolutely necessary to have a wizard in the party to craft magical weapons/armor? I didn't accept that gnome in the Black Market, not knowing he was a wizard, so I don't have the spells required now. Is it possible to craft magical weapons with a fighter for example?

User Info: distantwind79

8 years ago#4
You have to have a mage type class to enchant. You need the magic arms feat to create enchantment. Clerics may be able to do this as well though.

User Info: Zaishi

8 years ago#5
"You have to have a mage type class to enchant."

Anyone who can cast any spells at all can pick up the craft magic weapons and armor feat at level 5 and you'll be able to use all enchants. This even includes rangers and paladins.

"Is it absolutely necessary to have a wizard in the party to craft magical weapons/armor?"

No. Since there's no spells needed to enchant items there's no advantage to having a wizard at all. You can have the druid or ranger you find in the first town, or any caster cohort (there's a bunch) pick up the feat, and you need only have them in the party to enchant.

You might want a wizard if you plan to craft wondrous items though. I think you can probably find her in the inn still and get another chance to recruit her there.

User Info: Mr_NoNick

8 years ago#6
Ah thanks, I just looked in the guestbook and didn't see the gnome there. I'll check the inn.

I have a cleric in the party, and yes he has some of the spells. So if I understand correctly, I don't craft with one character? So if my fighter has a high craft weapon/armor skill and my cleric has the required spell and the magic arms feat I can just craft a weapon?
And how does enchanting work exactly? Do I need a recipe for that too?

User Info: Zaishi

8 years ago#7
I've only tried enchanting, everything else seems like a waste of money so far to me. How it's worked though, is I have one cohort with craft magic weapons and armor, but I do the actual crafting with my party leader, since she has the recipe books and i don't feel like moving them. So it does appear to be looking at the whole party to see if requirements are met.

Yes enchanting requires recipes, but you get some good ones very early on.

User Info: Grampy_Bone

8 years ago#8
You DO need spells for enchanting, just not for all items. You will need a wizard, cleric, and a druid if you want to make all items.

The way it works is you get a recipe for each item, go to an area with the crafting stations, and activate the recipe from your recipe books. The game runs through all the skills, feats, and currently memorized spells of ALL CHARACTERS, as well as everyone's inventories, to make sure you have the requirements, and if you do the item is created.

So you can have one person with Craft Wonderous, a second person memorize the required spells, and a third person with the needed items. If you want to make an Amulet of Natural armor, which requires the spell Barkskin, you don't need the person with the feat to have the spell, just someone in your party. Note that this is how item crafting works in the pen and paper game, which is awesome.
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User Info: blue_devil_99

8 years ago#9
Actually I'm pretty sure you do NOT need any of the spells, just someone with the appropriate feat (Craft Magic Arms/Armor or Wondrous Item) of the appropriate caster level. I say this because my only casters are a bard and warlock and I've been able to make any recipe I've found so far. This may be due to the Warlock's imbue item feat but I seem to remember being able to craft basically anything even before getting that.

User Info: Asthaloth

8 years ago#10
Warlocks can craft without the spells...

It states in many recipes that you need certain spells and items (And now I'm wandering the world trying to find that Aventurine I sold half way through so I can make a Headband of intellect +6 ¬_¬)

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