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User Info: robthebob

8 years ago#1
Does the rs ga_party_limit console command still work? Would it allow me to, theoretically, have 4 created characters and all the cohorts? I know, that's a crowded party, but I'm honestly curious.

User Info: QRIH

8 years ago#2

I was wondering the same thing.

User Info: robthebob

8 years ago#3
Got the game and tried it. It doesn't seem to work. Even with the Party Limit set to 20, asking a second cohort to join doesn't work because they can still detect the fact that I have five members already.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this? Most of my fun in the last two official campaigns came from collecting all the characters and having them all in my party at once thanks to the cheat console.

User Info: Jodah100

8 years ago#4
Well, you can get an additional Cohort by getting the Leadership feat (if you want to cheat just give it via console command). As for having them all at once, I don't think you can.

User Info: Zaishi

8 years ago#5
There's 11 cohorts, and this game splits exp. It wouldn't work.

User Info: Witch Elf

Witch Elf
8 years ago#6
NWN2 gets a little buggy with more than six people in a party at once. You only get to do it in the last area of NWN2's OC because you never have to use another transition point.

However, it is possible to mod the files to create six (or more) characters for SoZ. However, the new party conversation UI is only set up for a maximum of six characters, so it may (will) cause problems.
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User Info: Darkfyre

8 years ago#7
One thing I did notice was that in the conversation UI there are little arrow-shaped things at the beginnina and end of the 'heads list' of the party... which might suggest that it supports more than 6 characters by allowing you to scroll.
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User Info: robthebob

8 years ago#8
When I played with all the characters in MotB, I just got used to the fact that I couldn't see all of the character portraits on the right. And if I remember correctly, I think perhaps you could scroll through them. With all the recruitable characters (even ones that shouldn't be in the party at the same time) plus their familiars and summons, I had quite a crowd, but I never once had any bugs or problems because of it.

Looks like the cohort system works a little differently though. Two max, regardless of the party limit cheat. But if someone does discover a way...please post it. I'd love to trounce around with an enormous party again.

As far as the experience being divided too many ways is concerned...I've already proven I'm willing to cheat. ;)

User Info: QRIH

8 years ago#9
Well said Rob.

User Info: Whitelioncloud

8 years ago#10
alright an easy way to get Six created party members into your groups is to go into the NWN tool set, go to plug in's drop down menu at the top of the screen, click on campaign editor go to the last campaign listed as NWN 2 campaign_X2 scroll down to party creation size enter 6 where it says 4 save the campaign and have fun, i have not attempted more than 6 and do not know how it would affect the game if increased by more so try that at your own risk.

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