need help on last battle . . . spoilers

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  3. need help on last battle . . . spoilers

User Info: triclops41

9 years ago#1
im in the throne room, ive killed everything but the herald of zehir, but i cant damage him. ive tried everything i can to hurt him, but i cant, nor can i escape. is there a way to hurt him i havent thought of? did i not get an item or power i needed to kill him, and now im stuck?
it might be something very obvious, but ive been fighting this jerk for over an hour.

User Info: EshuElegba

9 years ago#2
I don't know It went down for me really easily even with my first party that I messed up...

I used +3 adamantine holy weapons, and spells that do not allow for a reflex save like missile storms etc.... and of course a haste spell is quite beneficial beforehand and maybe a few flame weapons cast by a druid...

The monstah has evasion so do not try to use fireballs and somesuch...

User Info: triclops41

9 years ago#3
I realized what it was. He broke all my weapons! I'm a melée party, my guys were attacking unarmed! Just killed him. How silly of me.

User Info: Witch Elf

Witch Elf
9 years ago#4
Yes, I believe he knocks weapons out of your hands and onto the floor.

And correction, he has IMPROVED evasion, so he always takes half damage or no damage from reflex save based spells.
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User Info: weewoo123

9 years ago#5

So what level are you guys? Because I'm level 17 and my party is utterly pwned here. It's not even a battle, it's a freaking execution. And I doubt it's the equipment, because they all have +3 dodge, deflection, natural, armor, and shield (well two of them don't have shields), +5 saving throws, dual major resistance rings, and fully enchanted adamantine weapons. I have a fighter, a cleric, a rogue, a sorcerer, and a druid.

User Info: weewoo123

9 years ago#6
Nevermind actually, turns out all I had to do was summon three greater elementals, cast death ward, superior resistance, greater invisibility, improved mage armor, protection from evil, barkskin, bull's strength, bear's endurance, and haste on the entire party before the battle. After that it was pretty easy :D

User Info: shadowdancer12

9 years ago#7
since i like stories and such... my game "happens" 19 years after MotB. My knight captain fathered a twin children with the druid(she escaped by shapechanging into a mouse and hiding under large boulders to survive the cave in...). She raised the children up til his and her 19th year of age. That is where my SoZ begins... brother(rogue/warlock... being born first left him tainted from the spirit-eater) and sister(bard/shadowdancer) seeking to trace their fathers foot steps and history. GEEZ I'M GLAD THEIR FATHER DIDN'T TURN OUT TO BE DARTH VADER... Anyway the mama druid spent the first year of my main PC's lives waiting and hoping my MotB knight captain would return(She couldn't divine he was in stasis for 19 years in a cave 1000s of miles away). In time, being an elf and all, she left Crossroads' Keep-( the dwarf Khelgar doesn't recognize them, they left almost 20 years ago as babes and they decide to keep quiet about be the Knight Captain's children)- and she returned to her people in the Silver Marshes. Reluctantly she let her children leave her side to find their own path in life... THE POINT OF ALL THIS IS BECAUSE I GUESSED AND KNEW THE LAST BATTLE WOULD BE VERY DIFFICULT (AND IT WAS!!!) BUT I STILL WANTED TO USE MY MAIN CHARACTER FROM MotB AT SOME POINT__ AND BOY DID IT WORK OUT TO HAVE THE KNIGHT CAPTAIN TRACK DOWN HIS CHILDREN ??? (HE WAS ONLY 20 something WHEN FATHERED THEM AND SUBSEQUENTLY PUT ON ICE FOR 19 YEARS AND GOOD GRIEF!! HAVING CHILDREN ONLY 3 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HIMSELF!!!). EVEN WITH THIS MotB PC THE LAST BATTLE WAS HARD... I like a good story with a heroic return and battle... GREAT GAME OBSIDIAN!!!! WE JUST NEED MORE AND MORE OFTEN!!!!!!

User Info: engimaman

9 years ago#8

User Info: SKA_

9 years ago#9
for a final battle, SoZ's final battle was a let down, i actually died the first time i did the final battle in OC and killed the final boss in MotB with less than 10 left on my hunger meter, but with SoZ it ended in seconds, the wizard cohort pwned all the zealots and the lizard with a few spells, and my melee party members pretty much took out the herald of zehir in 2 round of attacks at main character lvl 21 and rest of the party just short of lvl 21
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User Info: bjohnson003

9 years ago#10
You won bare handed? I used divide and conquer. A greater elemental kept the other guy busy while the herald chased me around the steps. My guys went buck wild and I hit him with missile weapons. Then we went in for round 2. Easy peasy compared to my "Let's get'em" strategy which was a dismal failure.
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  3. need help on last battle . . . spoilers

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